NFCC Ten Series Rd.3 – P164

A full list of results can be seen below and a gallery of images can be found by CLICKING HERE

Thanks again to everyone who gives up their evenings to make these events happen.

1Martin Balk3CDNSDNS
2Bev HardsNFCC00:28:5818 (W1)
3Dan Avery-HebditchNFCC00:29:1519
4Emma ShepherdNFCC00:30:2220 (W3)
5Paul HubbardNFCC00:28:3217
6Ross OsbornNFCC00:26:4511
7Graham SharmanNFCC00:27:4516
8Barry HardsNFCC00:26:059
9Sien van Der PlankNFCC00:26:5713 (W1)
10Rob BradleyPrivateDNSDNS
11Ben SchoolingNFCC00:23:153
12James NoahNFCC00:25:207
13Dave EnglandCrabwood00:27:0614
14Mike AndersonCC Moncontourais00:26:018
15Graham Browning-MartinNFCCDNSDNS
16Ben GeorgeNFCC00:23:485
17Guy SmithNFCC00:23:434
19Mike NaullsVC Venta00:26:2810
20Stuart ThompsonVC St Raphael00:26:5312
21Louis HopkinsPrivate00:33:0121
22Matt DownieTapp Kalas00:22:511
23Stuart PeckhamVC St Raphael00:27:3515
24Mark Lisk3C00:24:016
25Joe ShepherdNFCCDNSDNS
26Jeremy HubbardSotonia00:23:132

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