NFCC Autumn 10 2023

Inclement conditions welcomed riders to the P128 course for the 2023 New Forest CC Autumn 10 Time Trial.
A field of forty riders signed up to take on the fastest course in the area, a culmination of 23 tt machines and 17 road bikes – no tandems made their way on to the startsheet this year. Only 7.5% of the entrants to the event this year were women, a drop from 20.5% in the same event last year.

The road bike category was dominated by Angela Carpenter (…a3crg) and Alistair Gardner (Velo Club Venta) in 24m53s and 22m29s respectively.

Boost Bike Hub RC’s junior rider Bobby Buenfeld continued their impressive season, dominating the whole event and the TT machine category with an impressive 20m55s – nearly a minute ahead of the rider in second place. Sheena Keates of GS Mossa was the fastest woman on a TT machine in 26m29s.

Huge thanks to all the riders, volunteers and supporters for making the event such a success and we look forward to seeing you next year. No prize presentation was made at the event but a portion of entry fees will be donated to a charity chosen by the club committee at the end of the season instead.

A full list of results can be found below and a small gallery of images can be found by CLICKING HERE.

1AdamKoperdanRoad BikeDNSDNS
2ChrisTackaberryRoad Bike00:27:59RB 11
3RobertPettingellRoad BikeDNSDNS
4BarryPackmanRoad BikeDNS(A)DNS(A)
5DavidEnglandTT Bike00:29:13TT 18
6RichWardRoad Bike00:28:40RB 12
7DanAvey-HebditchRoad Bike00:27:57RB 10
8StephenWoodTT BikeDNS(A)DNS(A)
9MickAnglimTT Bike00:28:58TT 17
10DanielMahonyRoad Bike00:25:42RB 4
11BeverleyHardsRoad Bike00:27:38RBW 2 (RB 9)
12SteveWillcocksRoad Bike00:27:17RB 8
13MurrayQuineyRoad Bike00:28:41RB 13
14AdrianWatkinsTT Bike00:27:48TT 15
15SamDorkingsRoad Bike00:26:09RB 6
16WilliamSimmonsTT Bike00:28:43TT 16
17CarlWilsonRoad Bike00:25:51RB 5
18BryceDyerTT Bike00:21:50TT 2
19ReeceDawsonRoad BikeDNSDNS
20AlistairGardnerRoad Bike00:22:29RB 1
21SheenaKeatesTT Bike00:26:29TTW 1 (TT 14)
22JamesNoahRoad Bike00:27:09RB 7
23PhilipHarrisTT Bike00:25:55TT 12
24BarryHardsTT Bike00:25:30TT 10
25RobinJohnsonTT Bike00:30:34TT 19
26AngelaCarpenterRoad Bike00:24:53RBW 1 (RB 3)
27JonathanLeggTT Bike00:25:34TT 11
28GaryChivertonTT Bike00:25:57TT 13
29JonathanChadwickTT BikeDNS(A)DNS(A)
30HamishHunterTT Bike00:23:01TT 6
31DaveDentRoad Bike00:23:16RB 2
32RichardWatsonTT BikeDNSDNS
33DemetriusOnoufriouTT Bike00:23:52TT 9
34AlexanderPaulTT Bike00:23:22TT 7
35JeremyHubbardTT Bike00:22:31TT 5
36AdamCoppardTT BikeDNSDNS
37JakePriorTT Bike00:23:50TT 8
38JamesSmeeTT Bike00:22:08TT 4
39LarryWiltshireTT Bike00:21:56TT 3
40BobbyBuenfeldTT Bike00:20:55TT 1

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