Cycling Time Trials

NFCC Time Trialist Aron Kelly

Time Trials are ridden as a test against the clock… and yourself (…hence the term ‘testers’ is often applied). They can vary in distance (usually starting at 10 miles, but occasionally less) and with many different courses to choose from (particularly here at New Forest CC) the rider can expect some varied and undulating challenges.

New Forest Cycling Club actively encourages non-members to ‘come & try it’ and at only a few pounds to compete, you’ve lost nothing in dipping your toe into the sport.

For those already competing, it’s always worth getting clarification on the odd ‘nuance’ here and there, and one common misunderstanding is the difference between a ‘Club’ event and an ‘Open’ event. In essence, anyone can ride a Club event and some of these events may form part of a wider club competition or series. An ‘Open’ event costs a little more to enter and requires an official entry form to be completed and submitted a couple of weeks in advance – and you must be a fully paid up member of a cycling club.

Open events can be hosted by any affiliated CTC club and NFCC always have a few in the calendar… taking place on some of our registered courses.

If you need help in entering an Open event (because it can be a bit confusing first time) please ask a member of the club for assistance.

Entering Club TTs:

To enter a Club Time Trial, please call Margaret on 01425 653822 on the morning of the event to reserve a number. Payment for your entry will be made at the race HQ in cash.

Events List:

An up-to-date list of all NFCC events can be found at the bottom of the calendar on the ‘events’ page – click here for more information.

Event Marshals:

Marshals are an important part of a TT, without them, events cannot legally go ahead and this year will be cancelled. All members need to volunteer for at least one event to qualify for the Ten Series or Road Bikes Only Series. Please contact to volunteer or CLICK HERE to add your name to the below sheet.

Did you know:

The course numbers you race on actually mean something!
Rumour has it that the course numbers were put in place as a way to disguise where races were taking place back when cycle racing was disallowed on public roads. The whole country is split into specific regions and all of our local courses begin with the letter P. The P100s are centered around Lyndhurst, the P300s around Ringwood …and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: All riders will be required to have working front and rear lights on departure and must wear a helmet for the duration of the event.