NFCC Ten Series

The 2022 NFCC Ten Series is made up of 10 ten mile time trials, once a fortnight throughout 2022 starting on 5th April.

The local sporting courses vary from week to week and the series requires participants to marshal for at least one event to qualify for an overall series position. Points will be collected from the best results in 6 of up to 10 events to give an overall position after the final round.

The fastest rider from each division will earn 15 points, down to 1 point for 15th position. Participants will be divided into one of four divisions, based on their finishing time in relation to the quickest Club Rider at their first event;

    • Division 1 will be all riders under 10% of the time of the fastest Club rider on their first event of the season.
    • Division 2 will be all riders between 10% and 20% of the time of the fastest Club rider, on their first event of the season.
    • Division 3 will be all riders between 20% and 30% of the time of the fastest Club rider, on their first event of the season.
    • Division 4 will be all riders over 30% of the time of the fastest Club rider, on their first event of the season.

If a rider’s results are within the percentage of a higher division for two consecutive events, they will be promoted accordingly, by the decision of the Timetrial Captain with the approval of the Racing Secretary.

PLEASE NOTE: All riders will be required to have working front and rear lights on departure and must wear a helmet for the duration of the event.

Current Standings for the NFCC 10 Series 2022:

NFCC 10 Series 2022 Rd.1: P170 05apr22Scratch:00:23:18Rd.2: P182 19apr22Scratch:00:24:34Rd.2: P182 19apr22Scratch:00:21:36
Div 1PointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPoints
Phill Brown4300:23:1811500:24:3411500:22:51313
Barry Hards2500:24:39214--000:24:30511
Paul Lockyer15--0--000:21:36115
Ray Claridge14Marshal00:26:17214--0
Ben Schooling14--0--000:22:48214
Joe Shepherd12--0--000:23:49412
Matt Todd10--0--000:24:00610
Div 2PointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPoints
Richard Parker4300:26:4511500:28:5521400:25:57214
Jonathan Chadwick30Marshal00:27:5611500:25:18115
Phil Harris2500:26:51214Marshal00:27:32511
David Phillips2500:27:34313--000:26:49412
Natalie Green13--0--000:26:09313
Div 3PointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPoints
Matt Cafferky4000:31:4321400:34:4021400:30:52412
Bev Hards3000:29:31115--000:28:27115
Graham Sharman15--000:31:35115--0
Nick Tattersall14--0--000:29:28214
Emma Shepherd13--0--000:29:42313
Div 4PointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPointsTimePositionPoints
Bob Jolliffe3000:34:37101500:35:191015--0