NFCC Road Bike TT Series

NFCC are proud to take time trials back to their grassroots with the introduction of the 2022 Road Bike TT Series. Introduced to help make time trials a little more ‘fair’ the events are open to all, but scoring will only be given to those using anything other than a TT specific bike – don’t worry if you’ve only got a touring bike or a cyclocross bike, as long as it’s not a TT bike, you’re in.
There’s a few simple rules…

  1. No aerobars, clip on aerobars or aero extensions
  2. Hands must be holding the handlebars at all times (ie. no ‘puppy paws’- forearms resting on the handlebar)
  3. Wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes each, and have a maximum rim depth of 65mm
  4. Helmets must have no visor
  5. Ears must not be covered by the helmet (Giro Aerohead helmets are not permitted)
  6. Clothing that provides an aerodynamic advantage is not permitted (e.g. skinsuits and overshoes etc.) Riders seen to be using this equipment may be given a time penalty at the race director’s discretion.

Scoring will be along the same lines as the familiar NFCC Ten Series – 15 points for first position, down to 1 point for 15th. The series is made up of 6 events across the season and riders will be required to marshal for one event to qualify for an overall series position. A rider’s best scores from four of the six events will count towards their final score.
PLEASE NOTE: All riders will be required to have working front and rear lights on departure and must wear a helmet for the duration of the event.

Current Standings for the NFCC Road Bike Series 2022:

NameTotal PointsMarshal?R1: P311/10R2: P170/10R3: P182/10R4: P164/10R5: P128/10R6: P163/10
Phill Brown15YMarshal00:23:5315
Robert Sweatman14Y00:25:0214Marshal
Ben George12Y00:25:5912Marshal
Henry Lloyd Wiliams27N00:24:331500:24:4612
Phil Grant23N00:25:171300:25:3810
Joe Oatley17N00:26:171100:26:536
Jonathan Chadwick15N00:26:191000:27:125
Paul Lockyer14N-000:24:2114
Ted Ward13N-000:24:3513
Phil Harris12N00:26:51900:27:233
Joe Shepherd11N-000:25:2511
Michael Johnson10N00:27:05800:28:062
Vance Russell9N-000:26:029
David Phillips8N00:27:38700:28:201
Chris Heron8N-000:26:088
Barry Hards7N-000:26:287
Bev Hards6N00:28:21600:28:460
Richard Parker5N00:28:515-0
Emma Shepherd4N00:29:18400:29:350
Sien van der Plank4N-000:27:204
Peter Weaver3N00:29:393-0
Mick Anglim2N00:30:30200:31:390
Jess Fitzwarren1N00:31:011-0
Bob Jolliffe0N00:34:380-0
Natalie Green0N-000:28:270
Graham Sharman0N-000:28:310