Weekly Round-up: 23 July 2023

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

Road Bike TT Series: P163

The final round of the NFCC Road Bikes Time Trial Series took place on the P163 course near Lymington on Tuesday Evening. Eleven riders crossed the line and all managed to clock times within an eight-minute window. Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

RCR FatCreations Goodwood Summer Series Rd.2

Another tough evening of racing on Tuesday for NFCC’s Phill Brown at the RCR FatCreations Goodwood Summer Series Round 2 – nearly 90 riders taking to the course with an average speed of just shy of 30mph for the hour long race. Brown stayed with the main pack of the Cat2/3 bunch and avoided a nasty spill on the final lap taking out over 20 riders, and fighting his way through the sprint to 8th place – hoping for speedy recoveries for all those involved including friend of the Club Charlie Hill.

Poole Wheelers Evening TT

NFCC had a rider on the line of the Poole Wheelers evening TT on P459** – Gallows Hill course. Jonathan Chadwick engaged his fine form developed for the world sprint triathlon championships and clocked an impressive 25m30 on the 10 mile course.

Thursday evening Chain Gang

Only four hardy souls made it out to the Thursday Evening Chain Gang this week and a solid focus on technique kept the quartet together all the way around the course… until a charge for the final pair of signs at the end, it was a textbook example of how riding together works well for preserving energy and moving quickly.
Note to all chain gangers; for July the start time moves to 1900.

Saturday Club Ride

Another wet Saturday resulted in only eleven brave souls turning up for the start of this weeks club ride. Plan was for a 124Km ride to the east and north of the area. For the first part of the ride the rain stayed away and the riders just had to battle with some fairly stiff winds and drizzle. At around halfway three riders cut short at Emery Down and left eight to carry on to the coffee stop at The Potting Shed. Whilst consuming coffee and cake the rain came down hard and there was a mutiny in the ranks. This resulted in the second loop to Whitsbury being vetoed and the ride was cut short. The remaining group split at Moyles Court with some heading towards Ringwood and the remainder to Brockenhurst. All riders still managed over 100Km and got back in time to watch the Tour de France so still a good ride.

So it only remains to decide who’s in the barrel this week, it could be the lightweights that didn’t even put their noses outside on Saturday, it could be those that sneaked off home halfway, but it has to be the Saturday weather. Three miserable Saturdays in July on the trot is just not right. So this week it’s the British weather that’s in the barrel. Here’s hoping for better luck next week.

Sunday Club Ride

Another stellar turnout of riders for this weeks tour of the eastern side of the New Forest. Members could be forgiven for a slight confusion following Phil H’s published promise of a trip to the ‘Wild West’. He’s not getting any younger you know…
The first group of six, headed broadly towards the correct compass point at the start but soon became directionally challenged due to the fact that no one had a clue where they were going. The pace was such that having a nice chat about it and checking the route wasn’t really an option. Thus it was that ultimately three of that group ended up in group two and the others were never seen again, possibly still heading West… or East, maybe both.
Group two swelled to 15 at one point which was fine until we hit the 20 mph headwind. Self preservation tends to take over in such circumstances and communication becomes difficult. The group split apart like Liverpools 22/23 defence only to regroup at the very busy cafe for vittles and a chat about how some ride leaders could be more assertive and better organisers.

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