The Club 10 Time Trial Series

Many new members of the club will have particpated in or thought about entering the ’10 series’. This is a long standing series, though not held last year due to racing restrictions. The series was run for many years by previous club President and Racing Secretary Roger Bacon. Roger had a set of criteria, most of which we can replicate, but were unfortuately lost after his death.

Please note that this is an initial draft, but will help competitors and will become more formal by the end of the year.


  • There are 12  events in the series in 2021
  • Competitors need to participate in 8 to score maximum points
  • Competitors must carry out a marshaling duty at one of the 10 series.
  • There have previously been 4 divisions, which will remain this year
  • You will be allocated to a division based on your prevous results, or as a new member, first event.
  • Points are allocated for the first 15 competitors in any division, first place gaining 15. In the event of a tie equal points will be given, the following competitor being shuffled down two spots.
  • The overall winner of Div1 and the female winner will be awarded a trophy engraved with all previous winners, to be held for a year.

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