Club Ride – Saturday 25th July

Weather forecast at present for Saturday is not good for the afternoon so planning a shorter but hillier 3 hour 80Km ride. I shall look forward to forming a grupetto at the back with my comrades that hate gravity!
Same social distancing rules as previous weeks so please be at the start for 0850 so we can get organised into our smaller groups. British Cycling are still at Stage 3 of The Way Forward:
but will hopefully they will have Sport England permission to move to Stage 4 next week which will enable us to have a larger peloton if we wish and think that wise.
Route at
Not planning a coffee stop at the end as the rain is due around 1200 but there are plenty of places open in Brock now for those that wish or are refuelling for a longer ride. We can take a view on the day whether to meet up post ride of whether to run for cover!

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