2022 End of Season Awards

The annual New Forest Cycling Club awards presentation was combined with the Annual General Meeting on Friday 17th March 2023 at Greyfriars Hall in Ringwood. The following is a list of the awards presented and their receivers. Anyone who was unable to collect their awards should contact the Racing Secretary to arrange collection.

More information about NFCC Club Awards and a list of previous winners can be found by CLICKING HERE

Roger Bacon Cup
Awarded to competitor recording the fastest club or open 25 in the season.
Awarded to D. Phillips.

Cook Cup
Awarded to the Club Champion, points awarded for the first five in each of a nominated set of events at the start of the season and indicated on the club calendar.
Awarded to P.Lockyer.

Thoresby-Cooksey Cup
Awarded for the fastest average speed in combined 10,15 and 25 mile events in the season, the short distance BAR.
Awarded to M. Anglim.

H.E Figgures Bowl
Awarded to the female with the fastest combined average speed in two ten mile and one 25 mile club or open event during the season.
Awarded to S. van der Plank.

Tim Millward Trophy
Awarded to the overall winner of the 10 series. A female winner award is also made as the best in any category.
Awarded to P.Lockyer & B. Hards.

Rhinefield Trophy
Awarded to the winner of the Ten Series Division 2.
Awarded to J. Chadwick

Hincheslea Trophy
A non competitive award determined by the committee for most active or deserving member.
Awarded to P. Grant.

New Forest Circuits Shield
Awarded from 2021 to the winner of the 15m aggregate challenge – with the best 2 of 3 events to count, 5 points for a win down to 1 for 5th place.
Awarded to P. Lockyer.

Road Champion Trophy
Awarded to the Member gaining the most BC points in a season while racing for New Forest Cycling Club.
Awarded to C. Hill.

Roger Bacon CX Trophy
Awarded by committee on merit to the member, male or female who has excelled most or represented the club most throughout the previous cyclo-cross season.
Awarded to E. Shepherd.

The Bert Pope Cup
Awarded for the highest achieving member in hill climb events. Awarded to P. Brown.

Highest Recorded Strava Mileage
In this year’s most predictable award our club mate completed 24,291 Km or just over 15,000 miles in 842 Hrs at an average pace of 29 KPH.
Riding at least once every day during 2022 (and sometimes twice) and clocking up an average 67 Km’s a day. Phill Brown was both 2022’s ‘Person most in need of a proper job’ and winner of most Strava miles in a year.
Awarded to P. Brown.

Most real elevation in 24 hrs
I can do no better than to share the race report from back in June.

“The latest in a string of poor bike-related decisions led our Racing Secretary Joe to Thirsk Racecourse at 04:30 AM on Saturday, taking on what is described by organisers velo29 as ‘the hardest day on a bike there is’ The Yorkshire Beast. A ‘challenge sportive’ the parcours reads as follows: 326km 5,380m elevation, 16hrs to complete the ride before the ‘Beast’ (man in a clown mask driving a van at 20kph) catches you.
160km in the North York Moors with some disgusting climbs including the infamous Rosedale Chimney. Followed by 160km in the Yorkshire Dales with some equally awful hills, including but not limited to Park Rash with 220km in the legs. Anyone familiar with the terrain will be suitably horrified at the prospect.
The biggest challenge was keeping abreast of the massive calorie intake required for such a ride, around 10,000 by most accounts. Joe Completed the challenge in 15hrs 39mins and has no plans to ride any further than the shops for the next few weeks.”

Awarded to J. Shepherd.

Most Road miles in 24 Hrs
After completing Chase the Sun in 2021 and John a groats to Land’s end in 2020 our clubmate clearly felt that had to up his game in 2023 so decided to complete the London-Edinburgh-London audax in August. On day one he got off to a pretty brutal start completing (370K) 230 miles in 15 hrs and 30 minutes which, ignoring the chastening reality that he had to follow that up with another 1200K 700-odd miles sat alone as the longest ride in 24 hrs by any club member in 2022.
Awarded to R. Claridge.

Most recorded miles in Audax or sportive
Our winners early season form caught the eye as he was the only club mate to complete all of the fairly challenging rides at the clubs training camp, then popped over to Mallorca to complete the Mallorca 312 and then went on tour for 8 days in Scotland during which he caught covid and in a classic Bill Mayes move, totally ignored having it. Our winner furthered his reputation as the club Tank by joining Ray on the London-Edinburgh-London Audax and some might say sneakily adding in an extra 20Km to complete a fairly mind bending 1,738KM in under 128 Hrs to claim this years ‘most recorded miles in an Audax or Sportive.
Awarded to B. Mayes.

Ride of the year
The New Forest is not famed for its long alpine climbs or even its short brutal ones so when our club mate lined up for the 2022 national hill climb championship the opposition could have been forgiven a little snigger of complacency. This years event was held on the infamous The Old Shoe near LLangollan , the course consists of 1.55K of pain at an average 13%. Cheered along up the single lane by a selection of Tour de France style nutters and accidentally laying a claim to the All-Wales gurning championship our club mate beat the odds, gravity and most of the opposition by completing the course in 6m 43s and placing 36th place out of 305.
Awarded to P. Brown.

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