Club Ride Saturday 10th October

With the change in weather, daylight and conditions it’s time to make a switch towards winter riding. So, time to prep bikes for winter (if you haven’t already) and drop the pace and distance a little. It’s going to be appreciably colder than recent rides so the pace will be kept to a level to stop riders getting sweaty and then getting cold quickly.

This week’s route is made up of multiple loops so plenty of opportunity to shorten the route is you wish, just please advise the others in the group if you plan to do so.

No change to the Covid protocols so please be at the start at 0850 for an 0900 depart so we can get into groups. Please ensure you keep to a group of 6 or fewer at the start and that it is clear and obvious to all that there is separation between the groups. These protocols also mean that there is no change to the other key points, no guests or non-members and no joiners once we have left the start. We will maintain the guidelines of riding in groups of 6 or fewer to comply with the guidelines and protect riders liability insurance.

Ride will have a planned coffee stop at the Community Shop in Minstead at around 68Km. This is a shop not a café so please ensure you have a mask to use the shop and we can take drinks outside onto the green in Minstead.

Total distance is 103Km

Route at


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