Thursday night chain gang – 14th July

With Station Road re-opening plan to run this week’s chain gang on our usual course.

So, meet at 1850 for at 1900 depart from outside St Saviours Church, Burley Road, Brockenhurst.

For those that haven’t ridden this course we ride up Rhinefield Road to the A35. Then the ride is neutralised whilst we go down the short stretch of main road and re-starts when we get to the top of the hill after the junction. We then ride through to Burley to the Queens Head. Then neutralise again as we go up the hill to the cricket ground. Then it restarts to Wilverley for hopefully a fast ride back to Brock. Extra care to be taken on the last part of the ride where there are pinch points on Burley Road as the priority for the pinch points is not always in our favour.

I’ll take a consensus on which course riders prefer or if it’s split maybe alternate for the rest of the season.


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