Ten Series Rd. 10: P163-10

Round 10 of the NFCC Ten Series finishes off the Club’s evening time trials for the season and a fitting finale it was, with a full field of only home club riders. 

The prevailing south-westerly wind made for hard going along the straight form Hatchet Pond – with Barry Hards questioning the forecast, insisting the figures were incorrect. The wind didn’t hold him back too much, managing to secure second place on the night in 26m34s just 22 seconds behind James Noah in first at 22m12s. Phil Grant rounded off the podium in 27m10 and Mark Cowling was only 9 seconds off in 27m19s.

With only a second separating the top two in the Women’s field, Bev Hards got the better of Sien van der Plank, finishing in 29m20 and 29m21 respectively. Emma Shepherd got the better of Catherine Pascoe with a 30m32s over Catherine’s 36m02s with Lucy Greehy not far off in 37m34. Great to see nearly 50% of the field made up of women from the home club.

Ben Schooling tops the overall table and earns himself the Tim Millward Trophy for winning Division 1 in the Ten Series – only dropping a single point from his 6 qualifying rides with a near-perfect 89 out of 90 points. Barry Hards once again had a consistent season to claim second place in division one with 78 points.


A battle for the top spot in Division 2 between Bev Hards and Sien van der Plank has been underway right from the first TT of the season and despite Bev clocking up an astounding 108 points, when it comes down the “best six results” Sien clinches the division by just four points, scoring 87 over Bev’s 83 from their qualifying rounds.

Mick Anglim had a clean sheet with victories in Division 3 all season – 90 points for his six qualifying rounds to take the victory in the division.

It’s been a great year to time trialling with NFCC – 78 different riders completing 219 rides over 18 events, and if they all finished, they raced a distance of 2,365 miles between them. We’ve had riders from at least 19 different clubs, we’ve had riders from our own club take up new roles, from marshalling for the first time to learning to be timekeepers, and thankfully, all the riders we’ve had come along seem to have enjoyed themselves. 

To the Club stalwarts that are here for us all every week to make these events happen, thank you – all of you. No matter how big or small a part they play, we simply couldn’t have these events without the people that give up their time to make these events happen on a Tuesday evening.

With just the Club’s Autumn 10 Open event on the 24th of September (Road Bikes | TT Bikes | Tandems) and the Boxing Day 10 (Road Bikes | TT Bikes | Tandems) left on the TT calendar this year, until next year… ride safe.

Full results from the evening can be seen below. Overall standings for the Ten Series can be found by CLICKING HERE and a gallery of images from the evening’s ride can be found by CLICKING HERE.

1Bev HardsNFCC00:29:205 (W1)
2Sien van der PlankNFCC00:29:216 (W2)
3Barry HardsNFCC00:26:342
4Catherine PascoeNFCC00:36:029 (W4)
5Lucy GreehyNFCC00:37:3410 (W5)
6Emma ShepherdNFCC00:30:327 (W3)
7Phil GrantNFCC00:27:103
8Mick AnglimNFCC00:30:528
9Mark CowlingNFCC00:27:194
11James NoahNFCC00:26:121

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