Hi All,
In addition to the regular TT awards, the club has a number of awards that require eiither nominations or claims.
With that in mind we need your nominations and claims for some of this year’s ‘top prizes’.
Please take a few minutes to help us with your nominations and claims for the various new categories listed below.
Qualifying dates Jan 1st 2020- December 31st 2021.
1. Lanterne Rouge. Nominations please for an epic fail, anything from humiliating wardrobe malfunctions, face-planting on your own driveway, cycling into a well signed drainage ditch or arriving a week early for a big race. This is your opportunity to either dob yourself in or better still dish the dirt on a club colleague, Don’t spare the detail.
2. Mechanic of the year. We all have the occasional technical melt-down but some more often and more spectacularly than others. Nominations and details are welcome for this year’s repeat offender, mechanical incompetent or torque-wrench refusenik.
3. Ride of the Year. I’m sure that we will all have seen at least one really outstanding performance by a fellow club members during the year, whether they were winning a race, overcoming extreme conditions to finish or massively over-achieving, this is your opportunity to big-up your cycling chums with a nomination for the prestigious ‘Ride of the year’.
4. Most real elevation in 24 hrs. Claims please.
5. Most Strava miles in a year. Claims please and if you post under a pseudonym on strava could you let us know who you are in real life?
6. Most road miles in 24 hrs. Claims please.
7. Volunteer of the year. Nominations please
8. Most recorded miles in an Audax or sportive, multi-day events are admissible. Claims and if possible please send details.
Please send your nominations and claims to Phil at

p.s No Claim, No Award

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