Club Ride Saturday 5th June – Tour of the New Forest D-Day Airfields

Weather forecast looks splendid, so we’re go for the long ride this weekend.

We will keep pace well below the current Saturday pace in respect of the distance and the logistics of the day. I expect the average to be 25-26Kmh.

Thanks to Phill B details and plan are on the club website at

Please meet at Beachern Wood (just off Rhinefield Road) car park for a 0700 depart. Please congregate there rather than outside my house as I don’t want to wake all the neighbours! Julie’s car will be open to drop off any bags that you might want for later, we will aim to meet her at 73Km at Stoney Cross car park at 1030. There will be water bottles in her car for all (there may be a tap at Hockey’s as well). You can also drop jackets off and pick up any food you’ve put in your bag.

For those wanting a shorter ride we will not depart Stoney Cross car park before 1030 so please feel free to join there (or anywhere else on route). Also, there is no compulsion to complete the route, but if you do leave can you please let others know so we don’t go back looking for you.

Julie’s started the baking so we’re good to get refuelled at 170 and 207Km. Again, you can refill bottles here and collect / drop anything off in your bags. Also planning to stop at 124Km in Lepe for food / drink / toilet break. If we cannot get served here, we can divert to Beaulieu later on.

Hope to see another good turnout


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