CTT Coronavirus Update – 17 Apr 20

Following a further review yesterday, the government advice is that the current lockdown measures will remain in place for a further three weeks and reviewed once more in three weeks’ time.

The existing measures for social distancing are to be maintained and obviously this will continue to have an impact not only on our sport but on everyone’s lives generally.

Currently, all CTT events, (this includes all Type A and Type B events), are suspended up to and including 30 June 2020. As this is over two months away, and the situation is ever changing, the Board has taken the view that right now it is too soon to say whether the suspension of events should be extended further.

Accordingly, CTT’s position will remain as it is at present in that the suspension of events will continue up to and including 30 June 2020. CTT will review this once more following the further government guidance which is expected on Thursday 07 May.

Police notification forms – open and club events

Although the immediate future is uncertain, clubs and organisers are reminded that they should still send the PNF for events to be held in July onwards so that if we are in a position where events can be held once more, the necessary legal requirements will have been complied with.
“Informal” time trials

It’s apparent that some riders are still taking part in unofficial time trials that are held on the open road. With apologies to the vast majority of clubs and riders who act responsibly, please could any club that has held such an event and any rider who has taken part in any such event please stop doing so. Should this continue, the unfortunate consequence is that the actions of such a small minority of clubs and riders could potentially have a considerable impact on the future of our sport.

Please do remember that any such time trial will not be covered by the CTT insurance.

Thank you!

This has been said before and no apology is made for saying it again. It is recognised that the suspension of events will have considerable impact on all involved, which means not only the riders but all the organisers and the many, many volunteers who put so much hard work and time into promoting successful events for all to enjoy. The Board again says a huge “thank you” to everyone for their ongoing support and patience during this difficult time – it is very much appreciated.

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