Sunday Club Ride 10th October 2021

Sunday Club Ride 10th October 2021

Meet as usual in Brookley rd car park at 8.50 for a 9.00 a.m start

To avoid the Gridiron event we are going to head north up Bolderwood to Hamptworth and back. Route is slightly longer than normal but weather forecast is good.

This week, we are going to start running what will hopefully become a regular group at a slightly reduced pace, strictly to the pace of the slowest rider. We are thinking that this group might start at 8.55 making a meet-up at the cafe more synchronous (!)
The main groups should continue to run at the same speed that they are now, at around 25-26.5KPH.

Route downloadable here

Finish at the Terrace for well earned coffee and cakes.
Hope to see a great turnout as per..

Phil H

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