Weekly Round-up: 24 July 2022

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this weeks worth of two-wheeled fun…

Tuesday Evening Time Trial

Sadly, due to road works on the course, Tuesday evening’s time trial was cancelled… Don’t worry thought, the next event is on the fastest course we have, making it the perfect opportunity to get a PB.

Thursday Evening Chain Gang

Another excellent turnout for the Thursday Evening Chain Gang this week. Riders were pleased to be back on the old course again and it sounds like it was a much calmer affair that the previous week.

Moreton Race Series – Rd.5

After a short hiatus over the last few weeks, it was back to Dorest for Phill Brown for the fifth round of the Bournemouth Cycleworks Moreton Race Series. The strongest field that has been on the start line yet presented the opportunity for a great evening and that’s exactly what was delivered. With the first few laps underway – being a handicap, the aim of which is to catch the groups of slower riders that started ahead of you – the chase was in full swing but with the group at the front of the race in sight, a horsebox turned out on to the single track lanes of the course and hindered progress for what felt like forever. Once clear, it was a full gas effort to make the catch and start racing ‘proper’. One local team had a large number of riders – a thrid of the group – who controlled and marked any moves that might have been made, until one of their riders went off the front and they then sat up, let him go, and backed down the pace. All thoughts then turned to the sprint finish with a final group of around 15 riders. One rider who felt like he might have been missing out made space for himself which cost a number of riders their position and a few front spokes, but thankfully everyone stayed upright to the line with Phill making a cautious finish in 10th place. A big thanks to Steve Dring and the team behind the scenes who hosted the events this year, very much enjoyed and look forward to bringing a team next year!

Saturday Club Ride

Time for one of Barry’s longer summer rides this week with a tour up north… Heading out of the forest towards Salisbury, the ride took a westerly turn and skirted thought the Chalk Valley to Shaftesbury for a pre-ordered lunch stop – what a winner! Freshly caffeinated and full of food, riders had to navigate the tricky Zig Zag Hill before the sweeping descent back down to Tollard Royal and Sixpenny Handley and on to the forest via Cranbourne.

Sunday Club Ride

Back to a familiar route for the Sunday riders with a loop or two around the lanes of Bramshaw and Lanford. Heading out of Brock along Rhinefield and on to Bolderwood, there was a refreshing tailwind across the airfield before descending Bramble Hill and winding around a few of the smaller lanes at the bottom. All good things come to and end and after having to climb back up Bramble Hill, riders then had to contend with a choppy headwind across the airfield but that just helped make space for refreshment once they arrived back in Brock.

Get Involved:

If you find yourself out and about representing NFCC, don’t forget to jot down a few words, snap a few photos and send them over to press@newforestcc.co.uk.

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