Weekly Round-up: 17 Dec 2023

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

NFCC Virtual ChainGang

This week’s Zwift Chain Gang on Volcano Climb After Party in Watopia turned into a 4-up TTT rather than a chain-gang!

NFCC Christmas Luncheon

The annual NFCC Christmas Luncheon was again organised by Margaret Read this weekend. Thanks were passed for her organisation and choice of venue with food said to be plentiful and company to be just as exquisite.

Saturday Club Ride

In the bleak mid-winter, a bakers dozen turned out for this Saturday’s Cirque de humidite.. Group one disappeared into the distance and were never heard from again, that is apart from Reece who was identified by the side of the road by group two, then accelerated past us and sprinted ahead chased by Graham who, though spritely for his advanced years, seemed to forget that he was giving away 48 years to the youngster. There was only going to be one winner, and it wasn’t grandpa. As the gang regrouped at the top of Bolderwood, Reece suddenly came into view leathering it in the opposite direction. No idea why, the young are a foreign country…

All went well with group two until we reached the enclave of Nomansland when Phil H’s tubeless tyre started ejaculating fluids like a one night Stag-do in Ibiza. If sealant was Red rather than white the road would have resembled a crime scene from ‘The Wire’. As it was it looked like someone had been hard slamming the Malibu and milk chasers at this years Lamb Inn Christmas party and had then attempted to cartwheel home, with the inevitable results. After examining the damage, it was decided that we’d try to plug the substantial hole with a tubeless plug. Neil had a shiny new plug insertion device but alas couldn’t penetrate. Graham boasted that his Dynaplug was kept shiny and hard and could satisfy all needs. Unfortunately he didn’t have it with him so we were forced to go old school. Phil can barely see the needle let alone thread it without his specs so it was left to the only rider with good enough eyesight to thread a rubber worm onto a needle/screwdriver thingy. It was Rupert who used his experience, shoved it in the ‘ole and we were on our way.
Consensus was reached that after all the stress we needed refreshments so dropped in at Hockey’s for coffee and cake. Suitably reinforced we headed out for the second half only to be stopped dead just 50 metres up the rd as Phil H got another unrelated unsealable puncture. Neil unsuccessfully tried his flaccid tool once more and Graham repeated his boast about his legendary but absent tool. It turned out that Rupert ‘young eyes’ was called upon once again to thread the needle and a rubber plug was again successfully inserted. With no sealant left in the tyre Phil H limped nervously home on a rapidly flattening tyre whilst everyone else continued the ride, glad to be rid of him. Not sure if anyone completed the route back to Brock to sample the free beer and pizza at Boost. In Barry’s barrel this week is Phil H for thinking that his racing wheels could endure winter conditions based on nothing more than the tyre manufacturers bullshit about Kevlar and for being effectively blind without his jam jars glasses.

Sunday Club Ride

Mild conditions tempted 11 riders to don the club colours for this weeks jaunt around the forest. With the roads so quiet at the moment we formed just one group and set off in tidy ranks through Rhinefield and then up to the summit of Mt Bolderwood (good to get the painful bit done and dusted early doors). The popular route then takes us down the other side of Bolderwood and through the enclaves of Emery Down and Minstead before taking our lives in our hands to cross the South’s answer to the M1, the A337 to Bartley. The ride was happily uneventful, orderly and chatty one until we passed Hatchett pond towards Brockenhurst when a ferocious side wind spread the group along the road like an overcooked Brussels sprout under the runners of Santa’s sleigh. At the ride’s termination Setley ridge cafe provided it’s usual high standard of Cakey and caffeine based rewards.

Wessex CX 23/24: Rd.10 – Clanfield

Another week, another Wessex league event. This Sunday the racing returned to Clanfield where the season started. Find out how Team NFCC got on and how many Puncture Matt Knight achieved this week by CLICKING HERE.

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