NFCC takes on the Mallorca 312

After the Girona training camp what could be better than taking on the Mallorca 312.

The main event is 312 km with over 4,500 metres of climb through the beautiful, scenic Mediterranean island. So a 2 pronged approach – Alan Wooller, Neil Stevenson and Graham Fletcher went, via bike train and ferry to Mallorca to be joined directly from the UK by Ben George. The A team gathered to take on the event. But some sad news – having been a key part of the team, organisationally and with his supreme riding ability, unfortunately Neil had to return to the UK due to the passing of his father, just before the event. We wish Neil well, he was sorely missed and would most certainly have delivered a sterling performance.

So to the main event.

A 6.30am start saw 8000 participants line up to take on this amazing event.  And so the madness began. It’s a tough ride, “save your energy” said the experts. Easy to say when a huge peloton sucks you along for the first 25 kilometres at speeds up to 40kph. Who can resist that (or get flattened as they pass!) and then the climbing begins – IT WAS BONKERS. 8000 people fighting to find space. Although Graham says he didn’t object when one lady rider physically manhandled him out of the way! …and so it went on, in temperatures up to 38 degrees.


Ben – well just see the photo plus extras from shops en route, plus about 10 litres of fluid
Graham – 5 energy bars, 5 gels, 4 oranges, 2 bananas, 2 ham and cheese sandwiches, 3 cakes, 4 cans of coke and 9 bottles of fluid
Alan – 5 energy bars, 3 gels, 3 bananas, 1 orange, chocolate (yes chocolate) sandwich and 8 bottles of fluids.


Graham – lost about 50 minutes due to a misbehaving front mech, queued for ages at a feed station to get a fix.
Ben – split a tyre sidewall after hitting a rock. Ben worked some magic with the right sized Mallorcan leaf to patch the tyre, plus a new inner tube and 15 minutes later, he was back in the game.


Ben captured an excellent video of the amazing atmosphere a street party created as the riders at Artà as cyclists made their way through – we’re sure he’ll be happy to share it with you at the next ClubRide coffee stop!

So how did we do?

Ben – a true champions performance, claiming a 312 medal in well under 12 hours.
Graham – also completing the full 312, claiming his medal a couple of hours behind Ben.
Alan – At the last cut off, Alan chose to divert to the 225 (the event also included 225 and 167 km options), but still delivered an outstanding performance.
Great effort team, you did the Club proud.
Anyone for next year? …it’s an amazing experience!

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