Wessex CX 23/24: Rd.10 – Clanfield

Another week, another Wessex league event. This Sunday the racing returned to Clanfield where the season started.

The course was similar to September but even more intense with lots of turns, technical off camber sections and somehow more hills. Thankfully the rain held off the last couple of days and the course was fairly dry with only a thin layer of mud. Just enough to make it slippy buy not clogging up the bikes.

Jay and Matt were first to race for New Forest. Jay as usual at the front end of the race, said he found the course hard work and he didn’t feel like he had a good days racing. However, he still managed to put in an excellent performance to finish 4th. Matt struggled with the tricky course and the hills but he didn’t have any punctures for once! Matt finished 38th.

Emma was up next and after a few bad races she was determined to get a better race in before Christmas. She struggled a little on some of the more technical and slippy sections but her running more than made up for it on the second half of the course to keep her in contention. Emma manged to power through to finish 10th overall and 5th in her category.

Joe had some last minute tyre changes thanks to a puncture shortly before gridding but the stress didn’t get to him and he stormed off the line. A good first lap put Joe in a good position but his legs soon started to struggle on the hills and then another flat left him with a long run to the pits to drain the legs even more. Luckily he got the tyre pumped back up and was soon on his way again. Unfortunately the run had taken its toll on him and he struggled round the last 2 laps to finish 28th.

Overall a tough day out for everyone but a good course and some great racing. The wessex league returns on the 7th January in Andover (a fun course and good for spectating if anyone fancies coming along). 

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