Weekly Round-up: 14 Jan 2024

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

Saturday Club Ride

This week’s club ride was a 97Km loop around the forest. The good news was that the roads had dried out significantly and were a lot more rideable this week. The bad news was that it was absolutely freezing and not helped by a north easterly wind. Hopefully this was a case of winter miles for summer smiles and all those that braved the conditions will reap the benefit later on in the year. A dozen riders made the start suitably wrapped up in many layers from head to toe and headed out towards Burley. Steady progress was made through Burley, Thorney Hill, Winton, Ripley, Crow and Poulner. Great fortitude shown by Matt K and Graham as they passed by their houses and resisted the temptation to cut short and go home for a hot drink and a shower. Such resilience was not shown by Phil H who latterly gave into temptation when we got to Furzey and shot off home to be reunited with his ever growing pile of broken bike parts.

The ride headed northeast into the wind all the way to Newbridge and then turned for home. Phil G unluckily picked up a puncture. This was soon resolved, and we were on our way again. As there was last week, there was another coffee shop mutiny in the ranks and a revolt at the plan for a non-stop ride. To be fair the thought of holding a hot cup of coffee was too tempting for everybody so a diversion to the Happy Cheese in Ashurst was made. The group cleared the Happy Cheese out of cake. Lucy extolled the quality of their ice cream but surprisingly there were no takers, not even Phil G. Alas, this was not the last of the mechanicals for the day. After Colbury, Graham’s mudguard had an argument with his bike, and they became disassociated. Graham effected a repair with a bit of string that looked like something he found in his beard when he shaved it off. This repair lasted about as long as one of Smithy’s turns on the front and a second repair was required. This time some competency to the repair was provided by Phil G and Adrian and a solution found. The other riders just waited in the sunshine topping up their tans and deciding which layers they could discard.
The ride continued back via Beaulieu where Joe peeled off and then split for some riders to take the direct route back via Hatchet Pond, and some taking in Barry’s “bonus loop” around East Boldre. By the time we got to Brockenhurst the main group was down to four. A second coffee stop was convened and some of the riders plotted some extra mileage so kudos to all those that extended their rides. All this way into the report and nobody put into the barrel? Despite Graham’s “repair” and Phil H skiving off there was a new inductee into the club barrel. Whilst watching Graham’s mechanical, Axum managed to fall off his bike whilst stationery and face plant into the verge. To do this in front of ten club mates makes him worthy of the award this week so welcome Axum you’re in good company. To be fair nobody who turned up to ride this week should be put in the barrel. But as you know the ride report is never fair!

Sunday Club Ride

Despite another freezing cold morning at the meeting point in Brookley rd, 14 riders made the start line. At least two had the foresight to wear electrically heated socks and were envied and hated for it in equal measure. Some, like the author of this report went old school in an attempt to stay warm and wore at least 23 items of clothing. It didn’t work. Stuart H turned up in shorts, having apparently been born with no nerve-endings in his leg parts. Not much to report from the ride itself which was a pleasant, chatty, 50k ride out east. We split into two groups, both of which appeared to make it to the cafe stop without incident. As a reward for braving the elements the sun showed itself just as we hit the cafe. It was still cold. There appears to be a trend developing amongst riders in the Sunday group to double up on the coffee and carbs post-ride. Not sure what this means but I endorse it. Great as always to meet first time riders and prospective new members to the group. Interestingly (or maybe not) the Saturday and Sunday rides seem to consistently attract almost identical numbers week on week. Not sure what this means either.

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