Weekly Round-up: 12 May 2024

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

NFCC RB TT Series Rd 2: P170

Home club riders Guy Smith and Sien van der Plank were the fastest road bike riders at this weeks time trial in 24m47s & 26m25s, with Sotonia’s Jeremy Hubbard recording the fastest time on a TT bike of 23m35s. A full list of results can be seen by CLICKING HERE. Overall standings for the series can be seen by CLICKING HERE. A gallery of images can be seen by CLICKING HERE

RCR Goodwood #1

The night didn’t quite go to plan for the first of the summer circuit racing at Goodwood hosted by Racing Club Ravenna. Phill Brown made the 120 mile round trip to the circuit for an evening in the E12 race, but 2 laps before the end of his race, an incident on one of the other categories that was on the circuit at the same time required the full attention of the race medical team, putting an early end to the E12, Cat3 and womens races. Nobody scored any points or won any prizes, but everyone in attendance respected the organisers decision not to continue and hope for speedy recoveries to all involved.

…A3crg Goodwood Closed Circuit TT League R1

NFCC’s Sien Van Der Plank and James Noah were both reported in action on Wednesday evening at Goodwood for the first of round of the …A3crg Goodwood Closed Circuit TT League for 2024 Averaging over 23mph on her road bike, van der Plank crossed the line as the second fastest RB woman on the night in a time of 25m56s. Unfortunately, an unscheduled inspection of a pot-hole on her ride home left Sien rather more bruised than expected from a non-contact sport, but we all wish her a speedy recovery! James Noah (pictured) fell a few hundredths short of the magic 25mph average, crossing the line in 24m01s for 32nd place in the open TT category.

Thursday Evening Chain Gang

The fine weather and a return to our traditional chain gang route tempted nine club members to the start line for this weeks festival of pain. The pace was lively from the off but we had one early casualty who managed to exit the road and decided that today wasn’t going to be his day, so gracefully bowed out. One minor incident as some folk strolled out in front of us caused a little strain on the chamois but was soon forgotten. We also passed a particularly delighted looking ex-Chaingang ride leader who was out being taken for a walk by his pooch. Down to eight but with one mysteriously hanging off the back, seven practiced their through and off with generally adequate efficiency. Communication could probably have been improved and there was some ‘surging’ here and there but not too bad considering that we had some attendees less experienced at chain gangs dark arts.

The group was largely un-burdened by traffic or wildlife for once and by the time we hit Burley knew that a fast time was in our grasps. Chain gang aficionado’s will know that should the group be together at Wilverley rise, it is very unlikely to be together at the end of Wilverley rise. So it was that the group started to split like a badly made caramel custard as Reece, Paul C and Matt B really started to put the hammer down with others just hanging on for dear life. As I personally struggled to maintain contact with the group I suddenly seemed to get a little help from behind. Is it too fanciful to believe that the hand of god himself was taking pity upon this wreckage of a man? Well yes it is. Turned out to be just Mr Brown taking pity on the backsliding old-timer – Much appreciated in the circumstances. The roll back into Brock accompanied by a tail wind was just as much fun as usual albeit with legs puking from lactic acid poisoning. Lots of p.b’s to go around and a great re-introduction to the familiar route and everyone’s* favourite summer pursuit. Same again next week, give it a go and hopefully see you there.

Saturday Club Ride

For the first time in living memory the topic of pre ride conversation moved from “how many layers have you got on” to “factor 15, 30 or 50?”. After a few weeks of excursions out of the forest this week was a ride of around 125Km within the forest, first to the east and then west. Weather was glorious with just a moderate breeze to make it slightly challenging. About 15 riders assembled at the start and the usual split into two pelotons was made without any arm twisting to solicit riders for Group One. We welcomed James for his first Saturday ride and hope to see him again soon. Phil H was back on his best bike, having been responsible for most of the regions landfill with broken carbon bars he has now invested in a set of aluminium bars that should survive his exploits with torque wrenches and airport baggage handlers when it takes his bike on planes.

We headed off towards Sway and the quiet-ish roads around Pilley, East End and Sowley before a loop around Lepe. All went well as we returned to Beaulieu and then one of our riders made a classic schoolboy error. Group One did one of its usual disintegrations and Phill, Jay and Paul broke off for a bit of sunbathing. Fortunately, no pictures of the errant trio in their budgie smugglers form part of this post (by popular request). Michael, being a bit rusty on only his third ride back in the group, forgot the golden rule to follow the responsible adult in Group One (Phil G) and followed the breakaway. On realising his foolhardy move he then had to chase back to the main group. In a week of no mechanical mishaps, crimes against cycling fashion (probably due to Graham being on tour) this act ensures that Michael gets his first ever week in the barrel. The rides duly met up for a lovely leisurely outdoor coffee stop in the sunshine at the Community Shop in Minstead.
Here we were greeted to another one of Smithy’s ever-growing portfolio of idiosyncrasies. After ordering his tea, “the usual please, builders tea, bigger than standard cup, brew for 3 minutes 47 seconds, milk from a Jersey cow (not a bull) served on the side at udder temperature, tea bag squeezed dry between the thighs of one of the Minstead village maidens etc…” he then spotted that the café had some cushions. We are not sure whether this is the result of an unwelcome case of the Farmer Giles or whether he was being a prima donna and finds the wooden benches too hard for his derriere.We thought we had heard everything with his tea and coffee orders but the conversation with the poor volunteer running the shop went along these lines:
Smithy: I would like one of your cushions for the duration of my stay.
Volunteer: Certainly sir, how to you like your cushion?
Smithy: 60 cm x 30cm and 10cm thick, cotton cover, goose down feathers and fluffed up for maximum comfort
Volunteer: Certainly sir, that will be much easier than your tea order…
After coffee, some of the group had domestic duties to get back to, so the peloton sizes were reduced. As usual, a number of the group rounded up to 100 miles plus so extra kudos to them. Amazingly a whole ride without any mechanical stoppages but Phil J’s steed was making a lot of uncharacteristic noises which we’re sure will be sorted by next week. We were treated to many sightings of new born foals and one of the magnificent stallions (Lucky Lane Rollo he is called) that was out near Emery Down. Note to Joe, if that stallion wishes to join the club our shorts will need some re-designing! Another week and another excellent club ride in good company.

Surrey Hills Classic Sportive

NFCC’s Tom Fazackerley and Matt Murphy escaped the forest to take part in the UKCE Surrey Hills Classic Sportive this weekend. Despite Tom’s hesitant face in the image, he reassured us he enjoyed the 123km route from Cranleigh Showground with over 1500m of elevation gain. Matt and Tom completed the route in elapsed times of 5hr45s and 6hr36m respectively.

Sunday Club Ride

The promise of sunshine brought out another bumper turnout of 19 club members and guests for this weeks Sunday club ride. We split into three groups of roughly equal numbers and set off for the climb up Col de Bolderwood. The Sunday group ride leader actually made it past the start line this week albeit leaving his legs behind on the Saturday ride. In the middle group one of our guest riders unluckily snapped a chain on the climb up to Milkhams enclosure but with Sean’s help managed to get moving again before word got out to the local ‘outdoor enthusiasts’ that allegedly frequent the area. To take advantage of the perfect weather, this weeks route was a little longer than usual which suited everyone who hadn’t ridden a century the day before (Phil H here looking for some sympathy), those that had and had planned the route started to regret at least one of their life decisions. All three groups made a lively pace and as far as I know avoided any major incidents. 14 or 15 made the cafe stop with the usual suspects taking advantage of the sunshine to fill up on everything that the Daisy tea rooms has to offer including the ‘wafer thin mints’.
Classic, cracking Sunday club ride.

Grand National Park2Park Audax

Endurance bunnies Phill Grant and Jay Tarrant made their way to Romsey for the Grand National Park2Park Audax. The 200km event started from Woodley, Romsey, with controls at East Meon, Whitchurch, Downton and Woodley, plus 5 further information controls along the route. Despite a spot of dehydration fromt he unseasonably warm conditions, both riders reported having a great day out, and completed the route in a modest 7hr25m moving time …nobody mention the extra hour of elapsed time, probably eating cake knowing these two!

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