Sunday Club Ride 22nd October 2023

Sunday Club Ride 22nd October 2023
Meet as usual in Brookley Rd car park at 8.50 for a 9.00 a.m start.
Route downloadable here:
Ride finishes at Setley Ridge cafe.
Weather forecast at the moment is pretty good for Sunday but with bad weather all around it’s worth keeping an eye on. Likely to be lots of standing water at a minimum so if you have mudguards. it’s time to fit them (Note to self!).
Finally as Spike Milligan’s tombstone says ‘I told you I was ill’. Tests show that I have Pneumonia in both lungs so not entirely surprising that I haven’t been feeling on top form. I’m not sure how long antibiotics take to kick in so I guess I’ll be there or I won’t.
Either way have a great ride and no accidents this week please.
Phil Harris

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