NFCC Ten Series Rd.4: P128

In true NFCC fashion, near perfect conditions were presented to rides for round 4 of the Ten Series on the quickest course we use – P128/10 from Bartley. Not a course for the feint hearted, the downhill start leads to a roundabout before a long stretch to a second roundabout, before joining some busier roads that we’re used to in the forest including a stretch of dual carriageway…  Looping back past the start (…providing riders didn’t take a detour to Peppa Pig World!) to enjoy the downhill section again, ready to empty the legs on the final stretch to the finish line.

With 22 riders crossing the line, it was the most successful TT we have had so far this season – a huge thanks to all the riders and volunteers for making the night a success… long may it continue!

Line honours for the mens field were taken by visiting rider Larry Wiltshire from Chichester City Riders with a solid 21:44 and NFCC’s own Bev Hards led the womens field over the line in 26:48. Ben Schooling was the fastest of the home Club’s riders in 22:18.

Ben declared a turf war with his old club and invited a pair of their riders over for a challenge – the duo from Chichester City Riders had a combined time of 44:39 and the two fastest from NFCC a combined time of 46:01, so it looks like its one – nil to the away team in this instance… 

A huge thanks to the team volunteering their time to help organise the evening as always – great feedback was received on how smooth everything went. 

A full list of results can be found below:

1Bev HardsNFCC00:26:48(W1)16
2Ben SchoolingNFCC00:22:183
3Dave EnglandCrabwood00:30:0122
4Jamie ParkinsonG S Mossa00:22:142
5Michelle LockG S Stella00:29:25(W2) 21
6Adam CoppardChichester CR00:22:556
7Stuart MartingaleSotonia00:23:579
8Mick AnglimNFCC00:28:0519
9Daniel WestG S Mossa00:27:0917
10Barry HardsNFCC00:25:0213
11Larry WiltshireChichester CR00:21:441
12Robert SweatmanNFCC00:23:488
13Hamish HunterVC Venta00:22:425
14Dave DentG S Stella00:22:404
15Mark CowlingNFCC00:24:5112
16Ben GeorgeNFCC00:23:467
17Phil JonesNFCC00:25:4514
18Jeremy HubbardSotonia00:24:0910
19Roger MorrisNFCC00:27:4418
20Bob DowlingNFCC00:26:4115
21Ian TurnerPoole Wheelers00:24:3511
22Chris SummersSotonia00:29:0320

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