NFCC Challenge Aggregate R1: 26-apr2023

The first of a three round series of fifteen-mile time trials took place last night on the usual P164/15 course – The NFCC Challenge Aggregate Series is a friendly bit of competition for First Claim Club Members to test their stamina over this slightly longer distance TT than usual. Riders completing the course are given five points for being the fastest NFCC Member, down to one point for fifth, and the two highest scoring rounds counting towards a trophy at the end of the season.

It was a relatively good night for riding fast with 12 riders signing up for the event – only two first claim NFCC Members but a bunch of friends and locals helping to make the evening a success! Fastest rider on the night was the same man in fine form as we have had for the last few weeks, Army Cycling Union’s Alex Fortune, covering 15 miles in just 33m50s. Bobby Buenfeld (VC Venta) is starting the season in fine form finishing second, only 22 seconds behind Fortune with fellow VCV club-mate Oscar Holt rounding off the podium in 35m 44s.

Sien van der Plank continues to ride through the start of the Club TT season with a clean slate of wins – finishing the 15 mile course in only 40m39s.

A full list of results can be seen in the table below and a gallery of images can be found by CLICKING HERE . Current standing for the NFCC 15 Challenge Aggregate can be found by CLICKING HERE.

1Ian Sherin3CCC00:39:156
2Sam DorkingsSRAMcc00:44:1111
3Bobby BuenfeldVC Venta00:34:122
4Sien van der PlankNFCC00:40:38(W1) 9
5Oscar LawrenceVC Venta00:36:265
6Roger MorrisNFCC00:45:0512
7Alex FortuneArmy CU00:33:501
8Mike AndersonCC Moncontour00:39:207
9Oscar HoultVC Venta00:35:443
10Matt PerksSURC00:41:0610
11Stuart PeckhamVC St Raphael00:40:208
12Dave DentGS Stella00:35:584

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