Club Awards

NFCC have a series of awards which are handed out at the end of each season, where applicable, to reward Members for a number of achievements throughout the season. Over the years, the quantity of awards and trophies have grown in size so this list is to serve as a record of the reason for their award, and a record of previous winners.

Awarded to competitor recording the fastest club or open 25 in the season. A new cup for 2021 to replace the Broomfield Bowl.

The Roger Bacon Cup is in honour of long standing club member, former President and Racing Secretary, Roger Bacon who died in 2019. Roger was also an accomplished Cyclo-cross rider and cycle tourist who lived in Sway.

YearWinner Time
2021Gary Lock56.17

Awarded to the club champion, points awarded for the first five in each of a nominated set of events at the start of the season and indicated on the club calendar. All nominated events will count 5 points allocated to first down to 1 for fifth.

A perpetual trophy for the Club Championship, presented by the founder of the Club, Mr.M.W.Cook, shall be awarded to the rider who gains most points for the fastest placings, in nominated events promoted under Rule 11(a).  In the event of a tie, the cup shall be held jointly.

1961C. Creswick
1962J. Page
1963R. Bacon
1964R. Bacon14
1965M. May
1966F.P. Lane
1967F.P Lane P.W Hawker M.J May3
1968P. Hawker6
1969R. Jolliffe D. Panks
1970R. Clark23
1971R. Clark18
1972P. Guy18
1973P. Guy19
1974R. Clar12
1975D. Panks16
1976M. Rankine15
1977R. Bacon17
1978R. Bacon D. Panks15
1979D. Panks12
1980C. Jolliffe15
1981R. Bacon15
1982J. Bottomley9
1983C. Jolliffe20
1984J. Satherley21
1985C. Bix19
1986R. Bacon A. Roberts9
1987R. Bacon13
1988K. Mitchell19
1989R. Bacon12
1990J. Durno15
1991M. Ashurst17
1992R. Willmott16.5
1993M. Ashurst14
1994M. Ashurst16
1995R. Willmott12
1996T. Baker S. Grace
1997R. Willmott17
1998A. Green15
1999R. Willmott9
2000G. Stillwell6
2001P. Weaver11
2002P. Gates15
2003P. Gates15
2004M. Beale17
2005M. Beale12
2006M. Beale14
2007M. Beale15
2008M. Beale12
2009M. Beale12
2010M. Beale15
2011J. Heffernan8
2012G. Lock B. Boardman
2013B. Boardman15
2014S. Peckham20
2015B. Boardman12
2016B. Boardman6
2017P. Lockyer9
2018P. Lockyer12
2019A. Kelly
2020No Award
2021Phill Brown15
2022P. Lockyer

Awarded for the fastest average speed in combined 10,15 and 25 mile events in the season, the short distance BAR. Originally presented by a local female justice of the peace.

YearNameAverage Speed (MPH)
1970R. Clark24.54
1971R. Clark24.65
1972P. Guy24.2
1973R. Clark24.438
1974R. Clark24.61
1975D. Panks24.27
1976D. Panks23.93
1977D. Panks25.33
1978D. Panks25.96
1979D. Panks23.872
1980R. Bacon23.22
1981R. Bacon23.155
1982A. Hall24.41
1983J. Satherley26.024
1984J. Satherley25.959
1985J. Satherley25.2
1986J. Satherley24.59
1987D. Billington22.362
1988K. Mitchell23.337
1989K. Mitchell23.86
1990J. Pascoe24.803
1991M. Ashurst26.283
1992M. Ashurst26.29
1993M. Ashurst26.518
1994M. Ashurst26.09
1995R. Willmott25.777
1996A. Green27.633
1997A. Green26.977
1998T. Baker22.403
1999A. Green26.132
2000I. Bishop25.586
2001I. Bishop26.68
2002I. Bishop25.783
2003I. Bishop25.575
2004T. Jefferies25.66
2005M. Beale25.226
2006M. Beale25.446
2007M. Beale26.49
2008M. Beale27.279
2009M. Beale27.164
2010M. Beale26.716
2011J. Heffernan25.639
2012G. Lock27.501
2013B. Boardman26.737
2014S. Peckham26.433
2015S. Peckham26.227
2016B. Boardman28.2
2017P. Lockyer28.13
2018A. Green29.47
2019A. Green29.27
2020No Award
2021No Award
2022M. Anglim

Awarded for the fastest ride ‘around the forest’ in the season. This is now based solely on the NFCC P333 open event, or variation of such should it be shortened due to weather/roadworks.

Douglas Edwin (Ted) Joyce was a founder member of the club, who died in an accident in November 1938.
The award was originally for the full distance of 68 miles, done at any time of year with a time keeper. That course became too busy in sections, or otherwise impossible on a bicycle. Since 2007 it has been awarded for completion of the P333 open TT held by the club over varying courses, due to road works and shortened courses; marked * where known.

1939D. B. Sprackland03:25:53
1949A.W. Miller03:21:00
1950A.W. Miller03:07:23
1951K. Walker03:05:57
1952K. Walker03:14:31
1954C. W. Gannaway03:10:21
1955C. W. Gannaway03:05:08
1956C. W. Gannaway03:07:23
1957C. W. Gannaway03:01:07
1958P. Johnson03:14:52
1959P. Hawker03:01:56
1960P. Hawker02:59:35
1961R. Bacon03:26:52
1962J. Page03:07:55
1963J. Pinder03:23:25
1964P. Johnson03:12:45
1965P. Johnson03:06:03
1966R. Bacon03:08:43
1969R. Clark03:05:16
1970R. Bacon03:15:08
1971R. Clark02:57:21
1972R. Clark03:04:28
1974R. Clark02:57:12
1975R. Bacon03:07:19
1976C. W. Gannaway03:12:29
1977R. Bacon03:07:46
1978R. Bacon03:03:47
1979C. W. Gannaway03:12:58
1980C. Jolliffe02:49:23
1981R. Bacon03:05:15
1982J. Satherley02:50:22
1983C. Jolliffe02:44:27
1984R. Bacon03:23:27
1985C. Bix02:55:59
1986K. Mitchell03:24:50
1987R. Bacon03:16:25
1989T. Jefferies03:05:09
1990R. Wilmott03:11:07
1991R. Wilmott03:00:08
1992R. Wilmott03:22:35
1993R. Wilmott02:52:46
1994R. Wilmott03:15:35
1995T. Baker03:04:25
1996S. Grace03:09:24
2007P. Gates01:25:03
2009M. Beale01:20:49
2010M. Beale01:22:55
2011C. Hugh01:29:07
2012J. Heffernan01:18:28
2013S. Peckham01:25:36
2014S. Peckham01:22:28
2016K. King01:23:25
*2017B. Boardman01:13:10
*2021R. Claridge01:18:00

Awarded for the fastest open 50 mile time by a club member in any event in the season.

Presented by Mr Wareham of Wareham’s Cycle Shop in New Milton,,

1955C. Gannaway02:12:40
1956C. Gannaway02:09:44
1957P. Hawker02:13:56
1958R. Bacon02:15:03
1959R. Bacon02:17:25
1960P. Hawker02:14:41
1961C. Creswick02:14:23
1962R. Bacon02:18:14
1963R. Bacon02:21:42
1964P. Johnson02:20:26
1965M. May02:14:58
1966F. P. Lane02:30:03
1967M. J. May02:15:48
1970R. Clark02:03:13
1971R. Clark02:04:45
1972P. Guy02:12:32
1973P. Guy02:07:02
1974R. Clark02:07:43
1975R. Bacon02:16:13
1976G. Read02:19:18
1977R. Bacon02:13:00
1978D. Panks02:07:54
1979M. Hazell02:09:44
1980C. Jolliffe02:05:46
1981C. Radford02:13:03
1982J. Satherley02:01:45
1983J. Satherley01:56:20
1984J. Satherley02:00:30
1985J. Satherley02:01:56
1986J. Satherley02:05:34
1987D. Billingham02:20:09
1988K. Mitchell02:13:39
1989M. Hazell02:09:25
1990D. Moore02:05:34
1991M. Ashurst01:59:51
1992T. Jefferies02:01:48
1993M. Ashurst02:03:41
1994E. Martin02:01:40
1995T. Baker02:03:12
1996A. Green01:53:08
1997A. Green01:52:39
1998J. Pascoe02:19:24
1999A. Green01:54:48
2001I. Bishop02:01:38
2002I. Bishop02:00:06
2003I. Bishop02:04:59
2004I. Bishop02:05:05
2005T. Jefferies02:05:37
2006P. Gates02:13:06
2007M. Beale02:08:01
2008M. Beale02:05:05
2009M. Beale02:06:24
2010M. Beale02:02:14
2011T. Jefferies02:06:11
2012B. Boardman01:57:58
2013B. Boardman01:53:51
2014S. Peckham01:55:58
2015B. Boardman01:50:55
2016B. Boardman01:49:18
2017B. Boardman01:52:00
2018R. Claridge01:51:59
2019A. Green01:45:14
2020No Award
2021Gary Lock01:57:42

Awarded to the under 18 rider (under 18 at the start of the season) who has the fastest average speed over three 10 mile TTs in any events during the season.

The original trophy was lost or not returned by a recipient. A new trophy has been created for 2021.

YearWinnerAverage Speed
2021No Award

Awarded to the female with the fastest combined average speed in two ten mile and one 25 mile club or open event during the season. Where the competitors are Veterans, the fastest combined ‘plus’ to be taken into account.

YearWinnerAv. Speed MPH
1993C. Lacey21.892
1995C. Pascoe21.177
1996C. Pascoe22.748
1997C. Pascoe22.937
1998C. Pascoe22.603
2001C. Needham19.205
2010A. M. Samuel20.693
2012D. Shaw20.319
2015P. Eardley19.772
2017I. Parkes20.19
2018C. Pascoe21.5
2019S. Laurie23.65
2020No Award
2021No Award
2022S. van der Plank

Awarded for the fastest open 100 or if competitors are Veteran the best plus in the season. The plus time gained will be used as a handicap value to further lower the Veteran time

Presented by Eric Dunstan who was a Club member in the 1980s.

1984J. Satherley04:15:25
1985C. Bix04:41:50
1986J. Caldwell04:50:04
1987D. Billington05:02:52
1988K. Pope04:47:44
1989M. Hazell04:32:35
1990D. Moore05:06:11
1991M. Ashurst04:24:23
1992T. Jefferies04:27:19
1995R. Willmott04:37:01
1996S. Grace04:42:43
1997A. Green04:00:32
1998A. Green04:01:36
1999A. Green04:03:09
2001P. Weaver04:49:23
2002I. Bishop04:36:21
2003A. Stockton04:47:11
2012P. Weaver05:13:15
2015S. Peckham04:15:48
2016B. Boardman04:04:12
2017B. Boardman04:05:52
2020No Award
2021G. Lock03:59:38

Awarded to the overall winner of the 10 series. A female winner award is also made as the best in any category.

In memory of a very promising young club member in the late 1970’s/ early 1980’s who was killed in a motorcycle accident, shall be awarded to the overall points winner of the Club evening 10 mile series taken from their best counting rides in this series.

1983C. Jolliffe
1984S. Gossling
1985C. Bix
1986I. Knapton
1987I. Dyer
1988S. Sanderson
1989S. Sanderson
1990J. Durno
1991D. Moore
1992M. Ashurst/R. Willmott
1993R. Willmott
1994E. Matin
1995A. Green
1996A. Green
1997A. Green
1998A. Green
1999R. Willmott
2000G. Stillwell
2001R. Willmott
2002K. Wilson
2003G. Stillwell
2004M. Beale
2005M. Beale
2006M. Beale
2007M. Beale
2008M. Beale
2009M. Beale
2010C. Humm
2011C. Humm
2012G. Lock
2013B. Boardman
2014S. Peckham
2015S. Ring
2016B. Boardman
2017P. Lockyer
2018P. Lockyer
2019A. Kelly
2020no award
2021P. Brown
2022P. Lockyer

Awarded to the winner of the Ten Series Division 2.

1994P. Pocock
1995R. Turner
1996P. Weaver
1997M. Beale
1998C. Mills
1999N. Tattersal
2000V. White
2001V. White
2002A. Stockton
2003S. Copping
2004J. Nye
2005G. Robinson
2006G. Plumb
2007N. Tattersal
2008H. Blackbourne
2009J. Pope
2010B. Boardman/T. Butler
2011G. Robinson
2012C. Grant
2013G. Lenton
2014G. Robinson
2015S. Skinner
2016L. Thompson
2018R. Parker
2019P. Grant
2020No Award
2021P. Harris

Awarded to the competitor who achieves the best ‘plus’ times combined over one each 25 , 50 and 100 mile events based on VTTA standards.

Prior to 2019 was based on 25, 30 and 50 mile times, which prior to 2017 was based on average speed.

Presented by Eric Dunstan who was a Club member in the 1980s.

YearWinnerPlus Av Sp MPH
1981R. Bacon+0.396
1982A. Hall+1.572
1983E. Dunstan+1.254
1985E. Dunstan+0.258
1986E. Dunstan+0.643
1992T. Jefferies+4.132
2001P. Weaver+1.587
2002I. Bishop+4.431
2006P. Weavernot recorded
2007T. Jefferies+4.728
2008T. Jefferies+5.432
2009T. Jefferies+5.610
2010T. Jefferies+5.623
2011T. Jefferies+5.196
2012C. Hughes+4.361
2013S. Peckham+2.880
2014S. Peckham+3.150
2015S. Peckham+3.306
YearWinnerPlus time HH:MM:SS
2017L. Thompson+14m41s
2018A. Green+27m22s
2019A. Green+2h00m27s
2020No award
2021G. Lock+1h11m00s

A non competitive award determined by the committee for most active or deserving member.

1978K. Pinchen
1979T. Millward
1983C. Bix
1984B. Sprackland
1986G. Hutchin
1987C. Gannaway
1988K. Mitchell
1989R. Bacon
1990D. Moore
1991T. Baker
1992R. Bacon
1993B. Jefferies
1994R. Bacon
1995M. Saunders
1996G. Smith
1997G. Read
1998R. Turner
1999R. Bacon
2000M. Wyatt
2001P. Weaver
2002I. Bishop
2003M&G. Read
2004N. Tattersall
2005H. Doe
2006D. Cottingham
2007G. Plumb
2008K. Mitchell
2009A. Betteridge
2010P. Weaver
2011T. Barry
2012B. Wootten
2013M. Balk
2014J. Burridge
2015M. Bracher
2016S. Ward
2017A. Green
2018P. Harris
2019C. Pascoe
2020No Award
2021P. Hawker
2022P. Grant

The Forest Circuits Shield – presented by Keith Mitchell.
Keith was a long time club and committee member who lives locally.

Awarded from 2021 to the winner of the 15m aggregate challenge – with the best 2 of 3 events to count, 5 points for a win down to 1 for 5th place.

Historically and as the name suggests, the award was presented for the combined time of two early season events on the P334c and P335c totalling 23 miles. The award is no longer presented, the events being discontinued in 2019 due to poor numbers attending. In the 90s and early 2000s they were well attended, but the A35 and poor spring weather reduced numbers. Courses were shortened due to road issues indicated by *.

1986I. Knapton01:02:37
1987I. Dyer01:09:36
1988T. Jennings01:07:34
1989R. Jefferies01:06:26
1990J. Durno01:01:37
1991R. Willmott01:02:14
1992R. Hopkins01:00:32
1993S. Grace01:01:14
1994A. Green58:53
1995D. Moore01:01:32
1996T. Baker01:04:41
1997G. Stillwell01:02:41
1998R. Willmott58:10
*1999R. Willmott48:17
2000T. Baker01:03:28
2001C. Mills01:07:29
2002I. Bishop01:03:34
2003I. Bishop01:04:13
2004M. Beale01:04:22
*2005M. Beale50:49
2006N. Williams01:04:50
2007M. Beale01:00:17
2008M. Beale57:06
2009M. Beale56:39
2010C. Humm59:01
2011C. Humm58:15
2012G. Lock56:46
2013B. Boardman57:36
2014G. Lock55:20
*2015B. Boardman47:39
2016S. Peckham01:02:56
2017B. Boardman55:02
2018R. Claridge58:08
2021P. Brown15 pts
2022P. Lockyer10 pts

Awarded to the Member gaining the most BC points in a season while racing for NFCC.

The award has previously had no inscription plate, but from 2021 a history of winners will be kept.

YearWinnerPoints total
2022Charlie Hill43
2021Chris Sanders54

Awarded by committee on merit to the member, male or female who has excelled most or represented the club most throughout the previous cyclo-cross season. The award is given at the awards ceremony for the season that ended in that year. The 2021 trophy is thus based on the 2020-2021 season.

The Roger Bacon Cyclo-cross Trophy is in honour of long standing club member, former President and Racing Secretary, Roger Bacon who died in 2019. Roger was also an accomplished Cyclo-cross rider and cycle tourist who lived in Sway.

The original Cyclo-cross trophy has been lost through time.

2022Emma Shepherd
2021Catherine Pascoe FV55

Awarded to the veteran competitor who achieves the best ‘plus’ times over a combination of two 10 mile and two 25 mile events based on VTTA standards. Based on VTTA standards of two ten and two 25 mile Time Trials since 2019;
prior to 2019 based on combined average speed above VTTA standard.

Awarded by long term successful Veteran member Terry Jefferies who died while still a club member.

YearWinnerPlus Av Speed MPH
1991T. Jefferies+3.653
1992T. Jefferies+4.132
1993M. Ashurst+3.683
1994M. Ashurst+3.390
1995T. Baker+3.333
1996T. Baker+3.271
1997T. Jefferies+3.730
1998T. Baker+2.231
1999I. Bishop+2.790
*2000V. White+37m37s
2001I. Bishop+4.314
2002V. White+3.787
2003P. Weaver+3.487
2004T. Jefferies+5.217
2005P. Weaver+3.228
2006T. Jefferies+5.031
2007T. Jefferies+5.590
2008T. Jefferies+5.750
2009T. Jefferies+6.168
2010T. Jefferies+6.285
2011T. Jefferies+5.524
2012C. Hughes+4.361
2013S. Peckham+2.154
2014S. Peckham+3.470
2016S. Peckham+3.959
*2016S. Peckham25.4mph
2017L. Thompson+7.17
YearWinnerPlus Time HH:MM:SS
2020No Award
2021No Award

Initiated in 1996, the trophy was awarded to the club with the lowest average points over a series of events. Points were awarded using a number of different schemes, allowing for age related points as well as outright speed.
The trophy has been discontinued, largely due to the demise of the Crabwood club and the ability to field competitors.


Awarded at the discretion of the committee to a rider nominated by the Race Secretary. Nominations to the Race Secretary are welcome from all club members.

2007A. Carter
2008M. Golden
2009K. Wilson
2010B. Boardman
2011J. Heffernan
2012G. Lock
2013B. Boardman
2014S. Peckham
2015G. Lenton
2016J. Bannister
2017L. Thompson
2021No Award

A perpetual trophy, presented by his widow in memory of Colin Broomfield, a founder member and first Secretary of the club as well as a talented racer. Awarded to the member who records the fastest time of the season for 25 miles.

Awarded to the club member with the fastest 25 mile time on any open or club event during the season. Many of these records have been achieved on club courses, but some at opens. With the reduction in club 25 courses, open events will count.

This award has been discontinued as agreed in a review by the committee in 2021 and replaced by the Roger Bacon Cup.

1961R. Linton01:02:25
1962J. Page01:04:14
1963J. Mummery01:02:20
1964R. Bacon01:04:30
1965R. Bacon01:04:46
1966M. May01:05:24
1967F. P. Lane01:11:06
1968M. May01:07:14
1969R. Clark01:03:29
1970R. Clark01:00:51
1971R. Clark01:00:48
1972P. Guy01:01:59
1973P. Guy01:00:06
1974R. Clark01:01:22
1975R. Bacon01:02:15
1976R. Bacon01:02:12
1977D. Panks01:00:59
1978D. Panks01:00:26
1979D. Panks01:02:04
1980C. Jolliffe01:01:45
1981S. Williams01:02:15
1982J. Satherley59:44
1983J. Satherley59:55
1984J. Satherley58:31
1985C. Bix/S. Gossling58:40
1986I. Knapton01:00:05
1987R. Bacon01:04:49
1988K. Mitchell01:04:08
1989S. Sanderson59:21
1990J. Durno01:01:36
1991M. Ashurst57:05
1992M. Ashurst54:59
1993R. Willmott55:39
1994R. Willmott58:57
1995A. Green57:53:00
1996A. Green58:26
1997A. Green58:58
1998A. Green57:32
1999R. Willmott01:00:49
2000G. Stillwell01:03:29
2001P. Gates01:07:37
2002P. Gates01:05:49
2003P. Gates01:03:52
2004M. Beale01:01:37
2005M. Beale01:04:31
2006M. Beale01:00:08
2007M. Beale01:00:09
2008M. Beale01:01:54
2009M. Beale01:00:36
2010M. Beale01:00:06
2011J. Heffernan01:01:12
2012G. Lock58:23
2013B. Boardman58:42
2014G. Lock58:28
2015B. Boardman57:48
2016B. Boardman57:59
2017P. Lockyer55:58
2018A. Green51:00
2019A. Hawkes01:00:14
2020No Award

The Jonathan Bottomley Cup Fastest Junior 25. Presented in memory of a naturally talented young club member, training to be a Doctor, who was killed in a motor cycle accident at Milford in 1989.
The award has been discontinued due to lack of Junior club members and popularity of 25 mile TTs, as agreed in a review by the committee in 2021.

1985I. Knapton01:02:14
1986D. Sackley01:08:09
1987A. Emery01:18:56
1988S. Sanderson01:05:49
1989S. Sanderson01:02:23
1990J. Durno01:01:36
1991J. Durno01:03:56
1992C. Lane01:07:32
1994E. Martin01:00:55
1995E. Martin01:00:04
2004J. Nye01:05:30
2008H. Blackbourne01:09:03
2009H. Blackbourne01:08:15
2011K. Bracher-Walsh01:13:21
2012H. Walters01:06:23
2013A. Rogers01:03:35
2014H. Walters01:02:32

The Johnson Challenge Trophy – 12 hour record
Presented by Pete Johnson who was a club member in the 1950s, awarded to the rider recording the greatest mileage in a 12 hour event.

YearWinnerDistance (miles)
1965K. Pope199.089
1966E. Dunstan206.279
1990D. Moore211.272
1991R. Willmott224.777
1992T. Jefferies216.237
1996R. Turner219.435
1998C. Pascoe219.295

The Pope Cup – Hill Climb Champion.
Presented by Bert Pope a club member in the 1950s. Courses have varied over the years, in recent times Dean Hill at Whiteparish, Bolderwood and also Emery Down have been used hence the variation in times.

In the absence of a Club organised hill climb, the award may be given to the highest achiever in Hill Climbs throughout the a season.

YearWinnerTime (Min:Sec)
1958R. Bacon1:46
1959R. Bacon1:47.5
1960P. Hawker1:36.8
1961R. Bacon2:06.2
1962K. Banks1:38.8
1963F. Lane2:34.2
1964F. Lane
1965F. Lane2:42
1968T. Doswell2:42.8
1969R. Jolliffe2:50
1970R. Jolliffe2:24
1972R. Clark3:53
1973R. Clark2:03
1975R. Bacon2:00
1976R. Bacon1:59
1977R. Bacon1:48
1978R. Bacon1:54
1979C. Jolliffe1:50.7
1980C. Jolliffe1:37.55
1981C. Bix1:39.55
1982J. Parker1:40
1983M. Hayson1:35.3
1984J. Pope1:41.2
1985C. Bix1:37.6
1986C. Bix1:49.2
1987B. Shepherd2:26
1988C. J Gannaway1:45
1989D. Moore2:44.02
1990M. Wakefield1:48.06
1991R. Wilmott1:43.08
1992R. Wilmott1:47.01
1993R. Wilmott1:35.51
1994T. Baker2:03.83
1995C. Shelley2:06.03
2001I. Rogers58.18
2002M. Beale58.41
2003S. Copping54.28
2004J. Nye1:49.58
2005G. Robinson1:45.13
2006M. Beale1:52.67
2007C. Humphries1:33
2008D. Cottingham1:33.07
2009J. Pope1:37.08
2010J. Pope2:29.03
2011H. Walters2:21.0
2012H. Walters2:26.06
2013J. Heffernan2:17.42
2014H. Walters1:58
2015G. Lenton1:49
2016G. Lenton4:27
2017P. Lockyer4:03
2022P. Brown