Wessex Cyclocross Rd 7: Swanmore

This week’s cyclocross was the first muddy event of the season. The usual 4 New Forest riders made their way to Swanmore Motocross track for a tough course. This week included some sharp hills, twists and turns and of course mud.

Matt Knight was first up. Struggling with a mechanical right before the start, a last minute bike change was called for. Despite this added stress, Matt still got a great start. His team mates got his preferred bike sorted and Matt managed an excellent pit change 1st lap. Matt continued to ride well, great racing in tough conditions, finishing 34th.

Catherine and Emma were up next, each getting a good start. They both rode the mud well with lots of changing positions on the early laps. With the course constantly evolving, and with very little mud experience, Emma had a few slips on last couple of laps as the fatigue set in. Despite this she maintained a good position, finishing 10th, 7th in the seniors. Catherine enjoyed having the mud back and put in a great race, finishing in 19th and 4th in her category.

Last up was Joe. The course had started to dry out and was a little easier at the start of the senior men’s race. Joe got off to a brilliant start and spent the first couple of laps ahead of some of his usual rivals. Just as the men were settling into the race, a heavy shower took the course back to being slippy and sticky. No falls for Joe this week but a couple of dropped chains lost him some places. Joe finished in 18th, his best result of the season.

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