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National Trophy Cyclocross Round 4: Torbay

Catherine Pascoe rode Round 4 of the National Trophy Series at Torbay Velopark, Paignton on Saturday 19th November.  The weather was bright and sunny, with a cold and frosty start. The flat course consisted of a 2.6km lap with a sand pit, a scaffolding/wood bridge, steps, some short tarmac sections and a moderate amount of off-camber banking. The centre of the course was waterlogged, resulting in a lot of running and carrying the bike in ankle-deep mud and water. However, these conditions suit Catherine and she felt that she rode a good race, finishing 9th out of 12 Vet 50-59 women and spending most of the race battling the leading Vet 60 woman, although losing to her in the end. As Catherine is 60 in 2 months time, this was particularly encouraging.  

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