Weekly Round-up: 27 Aug 2023

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

Thursday evening Chain Gang

Just two riders, Phil H and his brother Steve made the start for 6.45 on Thursday evening. A poor forecast and a high dose of cowardice presumably leading to the poor show-out. As they were a long way from home and poor light was always going to be an issue post chainy, they decided to two-up it homewards. Eliott turned up just as they headed off but by then the decision had been made so Ellliot chainganged on his own.
Note to all chain gangers; for August the start time moves to 1845.

Saturday Club Ride

Second group stated out with seven riders and the threat of rain and possible Thunderstorms. With Phil H’s brother in the group it was always going to be a faster than usual club ride, largely because there is nothing Steve Harris likess more than to see his younger brother suffer. So it was, that a pacy ride ensued in surprisingly reasonable conditions. It felt like the coffee stop couldn’t come quickly enough for some of us but when it did arrive, so did the rain. After a pretty damp refuelling the group set off again but now with eyes firmly on the skies. The pace was starting to split the group quite regularly now, particularly on the hills and some riders started to miss Barry (who was away this week) as he is usually able to keep a lid on the pace and if there was a group leader on this particular ride, he wasn’t.

The group was whittled down to four when the first puncture struck and the heavens opened. Despite Phil J’s courageous plea’s for the others to save themselves and leave him to his fate we maintained solidarity until the tyre was fixed and the sun reappeared. Phil J then headed for home and three were left. At Burley Stewart.M had his first puncture by the cricket pitch and again the heavens opened. As he fixed that, thunderstorms started to roll in from all diections and suddenly the racing secretary Joe suddenly appeared, soaked in his cricket whites like a sodden angel of doom. We got going again at a pace until Phil H and his bro’ realised at the top of Wlverley that Stewart.M was no longer in the group. Steve (but not Phil) reluctantly did the decent thing and set off down to find a dejected looking Stewart sat by the side of the road, out of inner tubes, making the call of shame. The brothers continued and posted 100 mile rides. A fun day out.

Sunday Club Ride

13 riders showed up in cool but pleasant conditions for Sunday’s club ride. Only four were prepared to brave the faster group which completed the route at a nice steady pace of 30KPH. The route set out uphill into a pretty bracing headwind and it was at this time that two of the riders in group 2, who had done a long fast ride on the Saturday started to regret some of their life decisions. Despite the wind, relatively hilly route and some of the worst roads the forest has to offer the group enjoyed the sunshine and social ride. Good to welcome Bill back to the group after his mammoth Paris to Brest shennanigans who, as he is suffering with temporary deafness at the moment very thoughtfully brought along his son as interpreter. Also good to see John.J back in the fold after his various travels.

Paris-Brest-Paris Audax

A mega effort by three of NFCC’s bike riding hero’s this weekend… Ray Claridge and Bill Mayes took to the start line of the PBP audax – aiming to cover 1,200km in under 90 hours. Both riders had very different experiences of the day but they are forever grateful to Mike Anderson who was at set intervals on course to support them in their endeavours. I’m sure we’ll get a full write up once the lactate has cleared, but from all the Club, well done boys, Chapeau!

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