Weekly Round-up: 26 Nov 2023

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

NFCC Virtual ChainGang

8 riders joined Thursday’s Virtual Chain gang with a couple of new faces, Dan Avey-Hebditch and Eliot Thorn, marking their first appearance. The group efficiently worked together covering the 14 laps of the Crit circuit in just under 45 minutes. Next week’s course will be slightly longer at 37km and predominantly flat…. until it isn’t 😉

Saturday Club Ride

With the mercury dipping way below zero in parts of the forest, and birdbaths reportedly frozen solid, a call on safety grounds was made to cancel the Saturday Club Ride to avoid any risk of riders slipping on ice… Despite notifications being sent out in every way other than pager and facsimile, you can always rely on certain NFCC characters to turn up. Cue a 0901 phone call from Matt Smith questioning where his comrades are on the only winter day he might get away with riding without mudguards his summer bike. Fortunately, Graham, Reece, Adrian and Stu also failed to realise the ride was off, so bravely ventured out into the frozen tundra. It wasn’t long before the cold took its toll on riders with Reece heading home first, Adrian wasn’t too far behind and at the exact moment the route was closest to his house, Matt suddenly remembered he was tired, so went home too. Chapeau to Graham and Stu for sticking to their saddles and making it all the way around the full route and back to Brockenhurst – sadly, no photographic evidence, but this is only what we can imagine they looked like when they finally finished their rides.

Sunday Club Ride

Despite the brutal cold and promise of freezing rain, 9 turned up for the start of this weeks Sunday club ride Whilst most of us were raiding the back of the closet for extra layers, Budge was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a t.shirt declaring the the battle for Bastogne was for lightweights. At least there wasn’t much of a breeze as we headed up the dreaded head-wind hill from Ipley cross. Surprisingly on such a cold day the ride was particularly chatty and social, which certainly helped the time fly and Phil H was pleased to finally meet a couple of the new regular riders after his long lay off with Pneumonia and holidaying. The official ride finished at Setley ridge cafe and much to the relief of everyone they had room indoors to accommodate the group. Following their reliably good coffee it was a short and bracing ride home in the afore-promised freezing rain but one or two of our grizzled diehards headed out for some hard earned extra mileage.

Wessex CX 23/24: Rd.8 – Dalton Barracks

ATTEEENTION!! for the South Downs Social Wessex League Cyclocross Round 8 at Dalton Barracks. Find out how the five riders from Team NFCC got on by CLICKING HERE.

Get Involved:

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