Thursday Night Chain Gang – Temporary Course

Due to the A35 / Holmsley roadworks we won’t be able to run our usual chain gang course for the time being. I’ve been out and checked the route and whilst the A35 is blocked, we will use the following route:

  1. Meet at St Saviours Church, Wilverley Road, Brockenhurst for an 1830 start. This will change to 1845 in May and 1900 in June.
  2. Leg 1 Rhinefield Road to the A35. We’ll split into small groups for this leg as there is more traffic than usual on this road and a peloton if difficult to pass on parts of this road.
  3. Neutralised zone for 0.5Km along the A35 until we pass Lyndhurst Road.
  4. Leg 2, 5Km stretch of the A35 to the point at where the road is blocked.
  5. Leg 3, 5Km return along the A35
  6. Neutralised zone for 0.5Km along the A35 until we turn into Rhinefield Road.
  7. Finish at junction with Meerut Road, Brockenhurst

Total distance will be the same as our usual route around Burley If anybody sees any changes that mean the A35 is re-opening to through traffic please let me know. As soon as that happens, I will post a new course. First few weeks of chain gang will be a little slower than usual whilst we all get used to the discipline again and to help any new riders assimilate to our way of riding.

Barry Wootten

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