Sunday club ride 24th December 2023

Sunday club ride 24th December 2023
What could be more christmassy than getting out on a bike for a couple of hours to escape loved ones and pre-emptying a few calories before the festive gorging begins?
A quick google search of ‘What did Jesus think of cycling’ led to rather disappointing results but I’m pretty confident he’d have been pro, after all did he not say unto us ‘Blessed are the spokemakers’?*
This weeks route is downloadable here:
Ride concludes at Setley Ridge cafe where you can choose something festive like Mulled wine (possibly) and mince pies (possibly). Or alternatively something nice. All dependent on them being open, which I haven’t checked.
Hope to see another great turnout but just to remind everyone that wearing tinsel, father christmas hats or showing any other sign of enjoying the season of goodwill is heavily frowned upon.
Phil H

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