Awards: nominations and claims.

Morning folks.
It’s the awards season again.
Nominations or claims invited for the following awards.
No claims, No Gongs.
If you are dobbing someone in feel free to wax lyrical on why the proposed recipient deserves the award
1. Lanterne Rouge. Forgot to take your bike to a race, face planted on your own drive, Make a claim or better still, dob a friend in.
2. Mechanic of the year. Own an eight puncture ride, put you pedals on facing inwards or leave your through axle on the roof of your car on the way to lead a ride (no not that one) .
3. Ride of the year. Anything awesome, massive pb, major comeback from injury ride or did you or someone you know actually win something?.
4. Most real elevation in 24Hrs. Self explanatory.
5. Most Strava Miles in a Year. Same
6. Most Road miles in 24 Hrs. Similarly
7. Volunteer of the Year. Anyone gone above and beyond the call of duty?
8. Most recorded miles in Audax or sportive. Self explanatory
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