South District Women’s Cycling Association 10

Yet another visit to the p164, this time on a Wednesday evening, saw no fewer than 7 NFCC riders lining up for the South District Women’s Cycling Association open 10 time trial. The turnout was impressive especially given the inclement conditions, 36 starters included 18 women.

A downpour while under starters orders couldn’t dissuade Lucy Greehy, Catherine Pascoe and Mario Tinge on debut from recording a trio of impressive times. These three did enough to be the fastest 3 person team consisting of 2 female riders and 1 male.

NFCC was also represented with a second team of Emma Shepherd, Joe Shepherd and Reece Dawson. After battling conditions on what is already a tough course, the team claimed the accolade of ‘fastest team with a combined age of less than 100’ to round off a successful evening for the forest riders.

An honourable mention must go to Sien Van Der Plank, ever the willing rider she put in an excellent shift as stoker on the only tandem entry of the night with Julian Gee. The pair completed the course in 27:37.


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