NFCC Club Awards

Awards season approaches and so we need Claims and Nominations for some of this years top achievements.

1.Greatest distance completed in a calendar year. Please check that your rides have not been recorded twice (as I don’t want to have to check). Zwift Kilometers are o.k as it’s too complicated if their not!

2.Greatest distance covered in 24 Hrs. Real world only!

3.Mechanic of the year. Any outstanding effort by a Torque wrench Refusenik. Who put their saddle on backwards?, Turned up to a race with wheels incompatable with their bike? or serial puncture sufferer.

4.Longest or most brutal Audax or multi day event.

5.Lanterne rouge. Awarded for any outstandingly poor performance for whatever reason. Faceplant on the driveway? Wheel fall off in the first mile of a race? Get lost on a TT?

6.Ride of the year. Everyone must have noticed a clubmate really nailing a ride. Might be a massive pb or breaking a club record, could just be someone coming back from a serious injury to finish a club ride.

No nomination/claim no award so if folk could email me at with as much detail as possible that would be great.

Phil H

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