First Club TT 6th April – Please Read

The club TT scheduled for the 6th April will be going ahead. Those wishing to ride should contact Margaret in the usual way to reserve a number. Please be aware of the following:

1) There is no official HQ as we have not been given the use of car parks by the Forestry Commission. Margaret will be issuing numbers from the car, in the car park indicated on the events list, but you should attempt to ride out, or ride from an alternative location as your warm up, and not park at this car park.

2) There are still Covid guidelines in place. Competitors should act accordingly, social distancing where possible and returning numbers to the provided bucket etc. There will be no results or congregating at the end, and you should not stop by the time keeper.

Please familiarise yourself with the Covid specific risk assessment sent from the club via British Cycling.

Common sense should prevail, but British Cycling and the CTT provide official guidelines with which you should also be familiar.

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