15 Challenge Aggregate Overall Results

The three event 15 Challenge Aggregate was a late addition to this year’s event calendar, to replacing an old series of early season TTs that had become unpopular. The Challenge is likely to return next year, and hopefully be an alternative to the 10 Series. Running the Challenge on the same course each round allows riders to measure their efforts and compare their performances.

The format this year was a simple points scored for the first 5 places (5 for the winner, 4 for second etc.). The best two results from the three rounds count towards final classification. After the final event, the overall results are as follows:

PositionNameR1R2R3Best 2
1Phill Brown2nd (4)1st (5)3rd (3)9
2Barry Hards4th (2)2nd (4)-6
3Joe Shepherd3rd (3)-4th (2)5
4Phil Harris5th (1)-5th (1)2
5Peter Weaver-4th (2)9th2

The results don’t quite show the full picture, as many only rode a single event. Chris Harris was unlucky to puncture in one of his events as he would have been likely to win overall. Phil Harris pipped Peter Weaver on overall positioning in races, even though they are level on points.

With more riders competing in the requisite qualifying events next year, hopefully competition will be tighter. Extra points for split times might make things even more interesting!

A full list of results for 2021 can be seen below for reference. Results highlighted in bold were used for the final classification.

NameP164/15 18-05-21P164/15 06-07-21P164/15 03-08-21
Barry Hards00:38:434200:37:5124---
Beverley Hards---00:46:4751---
Bob Dowling00:42:179-------
Chris HarrisDNF---00:34:3124
Hamish Hunter00:48:1710----DNS
Henry Lloyd-Williams------00:33:3515
Joe Shepherd00:36:1433---00:36:1842
Mick Anglim---00:45:1732---
Mike Akers00:36:0115------
Natalie Green------00:40:447-
Peter Weaver---00:46:024200:43:229-
Phil Harris00:39:4451---00:38:4351
Phil Jones00:39:547-------
Phill Brown00:36:152400:35:541500:35:0233
Richard Parker------00:39:556-
Sonia Laurie00:40:568-------
Ursula Nealon------00:41:408-

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