Club Ride – Saturday 19th September

This weeks club ride will be a 114Km loop around the forest.
Route at
Hopefully my route planning software (bad workman blaming his tools here) will not be diverting the Saturday ride down obscure paths and bridleways like last week.
Coffee stop at around 75Km at the Community Shop in Minstead. Please remember face coverings for the shop as they operate as a shop not a sit in cafe.
As per the guidance last week please ensure that we do not assemble in any groups larger than 6 at the start. Make a conscious effort to stand in pods of 6 or fewer with a clearly visible separation between them.
Same Covid rules as per recent weeks, groups of 6 or fewer as per British Cycling guidelines. This is both necessary to adhere to BC rules and so as not to negate riders third party insurance. Unfortunately, our guidelines still forbid us from taking non-members or visitors on the club rides. All riders must be present at the start so we can record who is riding in which group for traceability and no riders to join groups once we have left the start.
Forecast looks good so let’s make the most of the conditions before the inevitability of winter riding is with us.

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