Club roles & responsibilities

Below is an outline list of the roles of New Forest Cycling Club Committee Members and Officials.


  • Represent the club at cycling functions if required
    attend committee meeting
  • Present speech at club dinner on behalf of the Club


  • Hold and control committee meeting
  • Hold and control AGM in February
  • Assist with organisation of club dinners and other events
  • Take bookings for club events
  • Compile start list of club events and do signing on at event HQ
  • Assist secretary in liaising with other clubs


  • Deal with day to day correspondence to do with club
  • Keep records of any correspondence sent
  • Post correspondence to Facebook/website for members
  • Arrange committee meetings
  • Casting vote at committee meetings if required
  • Keep minutes of meetings and send to committee
  • Liaise with other clubs and cycling federations
  • Point of contact for British Cycling, CTT and other clubs
  • Collate and keep records of memberships via British Cycling
  • Liaise with all club officials when things need doing
  • Arrange AGM, keep minutes and publicise on website
  • Admin duties on Facebook page and website if required


  • Receive money collected for club events
  • Keep records of money collected through membership
  • Pay club bills, example club and open events and clothing
  • Keep account records for money collected and paid out
  • Countersign checks with president or Club Secretary
  • Liaise with clubs bank account clerk at Natwest in Lymington
  • Send club charity donations decided by committee


  • Put together club events in September for following season
  • Co-ordinate with other clubs for dates and courses
  • Send police forms to area secretary and police
  • Send o.s maps of courses to police
  • Apply to forestry commission for parking permits
  • Send details of events to new forest district council
  • Keep records of race times for the season
  • Compile 10 series divisional results and post on website
  • Compile end of season prizewinners
  • Organise trophies and engraving for awards
  • Keep timekeeping devices operational
  • Organise inter-club races with other neighbouring clubs


  • Provide website race reports/descriptions of club events
  • Add links to reports on Facebook group
  • Provide race reports for local rider web page
  • Provide any relevant correspondence to New Milton Advertiser
  • Update website with information and events of the club
  • Send out newsletters via British Cycling Club Manager


  • Attend committee meetings held every 6 – 8 weeks on Mondays
  • Assist with discussions of any actions or ideas in running of the club
  • Volunteer and take on any actions if required
  • Assist at any event where required


  • Time keep at club & open events
  • Assist time keeping for other clubs if required


  • Represent the club at cycling functions if required
  • Audit club records when required