Weekly Round-up: 02 July 2023

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…

Ten Series Rd.7: P164

The final tour of the 10 mile P164 circuit for the season welcomed 20 riders to the road. Holly Ramsey (Tofauti Everyone Active) was again the fastest woman with Bobby Buenfeld (VC Venta) taking the line honours for the men. Find a full list of results HERE Latest standings for the Ten Series can be found HERE.

Goodwood Summer Series Rd. 9

With 82 riders signing on, the biggest field of the year so far at the Goodwood Summer Series once again included Phill Brown who spent the duration of the race at the pointy end of the field. Despite his best efforts, it was another week of being a marked man and any attempts by Brown to escape off the front of the bunch were soon shut down by pursuing riders. With the pace hotting up on the final lap, Brown led the field through the final chicane in an effort to stay safe and upright, but soon sat up and out of the way of a fast approaching sprinting bunch who were trying to avoid riding into the back of a slower race on course at the same time. True to his reputation, Phill was the first one in line for the Post Race pizza… its the little victories that count, right?

Thursday evening Chain Gang

Just six brave souls turned out for this weeks ultimate sufferfest, The Chaingang. After a reasonably comfortable start, things started to heat up on the second leg, rolling up towards Burley. One rider dropped out leaving an unusually well matched group of 5 hitting the wretched ‘witches revenge’ ramp on the turn back to Brockenhurst. The pace was hotting up like a vindaloo as we reached Wilverley rise but Phill Grant still felt it was a good idea to make a break for it at this point. Approximately 45 seconds later my expertise in body language told me that the seeds of doubt were starting to settle into his mind about the wisdom of that move. Reece turned the power on to cover the now faltering breakaway and James N, EddieB and Phil H more or less stayed together in an attempt to get back to the lead group. Things got a bit hectic dodging wildlife on the final stretch but ultimately everyone made it home within a few seconds of one another. Several PBs and yearly best times were posted on another gruelling but fun ride.
Note to all chain gangers; for July the start time moves to 1900.

Saturday Club Ride

Eighteen riders met in Brockenhurst for this weeks club ride. Two groups were formed as usual with the faster riders heading out first. This weeks ride was a 133Km ride to the south and west of the forest. It was also quite a hilly route with a section of hills from Ogdens through to Bramble Hill being quite challenging for some. We visited a new to us coffee shop at Dan Tanner’s in Sopley. This proved popular and will definitely be on the rota for rides in that area in the future. So, the only other question is who’s in the barrel this week? No bad offenders this week, all riders heeded the request to turn up at the start in good time but one rider deserves the accolade. Step forward Phil H. The ride as mentioned was backloaded with a series of short sharp hills, Mr Harris winged about this on Strava and he didn’t even do the last two hills as the ride was temptingly close to his house and he avoided the climbs up Bramble Hill and up to Bolderwood.
Good luck to Neil, Ian and Matt who all rode and are off to the Etape Du Tour this week.

Omega Summer Circuits Rd.5

It seems Phill Brown can’t get enough of racing this year and found himself on a second start-line of the week for the Omega Summer Series at Mountbatten. With a number of the local crit racing riders on track, it wasn’t long until they sussed Brown out and shut down any attempts at him trying to get a lap up on the field on the 535m track. Two riders did manage to get away and one of the riders teams had over 30% of the field of riders who duly ensured no counterattacks gained enough momentum to catch their teammate up the road. Despite the two escapees getting a lap in, Brown powered his way around the final lap and cleared the final bunch sprint, taking third place on the day.

Sunday Club Ride

A slightly chilly start for this weeks Sunday club ride but still 14 riders made the start. Lovely to see Henry back in the fold making a cameo appearance. We spilt into two groups, roughly definable as Young v Old with the youngsters setting a testing pace of around 31KPH. The oldsters showed their experience by comfortably coasting around the course at a genteel conversational pace. Only down point of Sundays ride was discovering that Setley ridges coffee machine was on the blink, ruining thecafe’s reputation for easily dealing with sudden influxes of Lycra-types.

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