Weekly Round-up: 13 November 2022

All the latest news, events, and results from NFCC Members from this week’s two-wheeled adventures…
With dark evenings drawing in, it seems midweek activities are on the decrease, but if you do find yourself out and about representing NFCC, don’t forget to jot down a few words, snap a few photos and send them over to press@newforestcc.co.uk.

Saturday Club Ride

The weather for the club ride was unseasonably warm and a number of riders were in summer gear for a mid November ride. A lot of regulars were missing taking the opportunity to ride the Isle of Wight but there were still 12 riders at the start. The route was a 100Km forest ride to the east of the region to Lepe and then to the north at Nomansland to let riders enjoy the joys of Pipers Wait, The ride finished with a nice stretch of through and off from Roger Penny Way to Milkham. Kudos to the new riders that picked up the drill quickly. Then some riders split and went towards Ringwood and the remainder on to Brockenhurst

Coffee stop was at Merrit’s in Ashurst which was very pleasant and definitely a good option for future rides where numbers are slightly lower.
Unfortunately, towards the end if the ride Matt Smith came a cropper on some poor surface descending Bolderwood and has damaged himself, his bike and his club kit. Speedy recovery Matt and hope to see you out soon.
Where Matt crashed is a well known issue between Wooson’s and Barrow Moor car parks so is you don’t know take extra care there. They are not pot holes but a couple of ridges in the road and it tends to be right on the riding line and generally at a time where riders will be travelling quite fast so please learn where those are and avoid.

Sunday Club Ride

The good weather forecast and the promise of a Setley ridge cafe stop saw a Stella Sunday turnout of 17-ish for this week’s jaunt around East Boldre and Lepe. Some people’s inability to count and Phil’s laid-back leading style meant that the two groups were slightly lopsidedly balanced at 11 to 6.
A very enjoyable and chatty ride with everyone enjoying the tailwind home and even the promised sunshine eventually turned up.

Cyclocross Skills Session

Six riders enjoyed an hour and a half of cyclocross skills practice at Hollands Wood campsite, after a 6-mile gravel warm-up ride. They practiced skills such as jumping the barriers; running and carrying the bike; tight cornering, riding over a small log as a practice for bunny hopping curbs and roots; scooting the bike for those occasions when you can’t quite ride the section but hope not to have to run it; as well as being able to get off on either side of the bike, a skill that is, oddly, harder than it sounds. At the end of the session, the riders split into two teams and had a couple of very short relay races which incorporated some of the skills that had been practiced. Team Shepherd came out on top, with Joe, Emma, and Richard (Joe’s dad) proving to be somewhat more skilled than Catherine Pascoe, Phil Grant, and Mario Tinge! A revenge match might be in order next time. Refreshments at The Terrace were very much appreciated afterwards.

Get Involved:

If you find yourself out and about representing NFCC, don’t forget to jot down a few words, snap a few photos and send them over to press@newforestcc.co.uk.

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