Sunday Club Ride 2nd July 2023

Sunday Club Ride 2nd July 2023
Meet as usual in the Brookley Rd Car park in Brockenhurst at 8.50 for a 9.00 A.M start.
Folks will have noticed that we have been running a faster group on Sunday’s recently in addition to the usual slower paced groups. If members want a faster ride on Sundays, I’m fine and dandy with that but will continue to prioritise the culture of Sunday rides being strictly no-drop rides at the pace of the slowest. (Also hope to get a slower group going soon if there’s the demand)
With that in mind it’s very helpful if folk can arrive 8.50 rather than 8.59 so that we can get organised into groups. Also particularly helpful if new riders can arrive 8.45 so that I can get an inkling of which group is appropriate for them. Bit embarrassing when I ask riders to go in the slower group and they turn out to be uber-fit!
This weeks route downloadable here
Forecast is excellent and I have organised a tailwind back to Setley Ridge cafe.
Hope to see another great turnout.
Phil H

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