Sunday Club Ride 13th September

Sunday Club Ride – 13th September 2020
With the new restrictions on groups of 6 or more coming into effect on Monday we’ll need to continue with the practices we’ve been following the past few weeks. Can we please be totally clear in observing this in the car park at the start and making sure that we are demonstrably following the guidelines. So, when the seventh rider arrives please make sure we are in two distinct groups.
Unfortunately, we will need to continue the members only policy for the group rides so no visitors or non-members until further notice. We will also need to retain our policy on no joiners once we have started so we can maintain our tracing plan and ensure we keep our max group size.
As we are now stuck with the Covid protocols and max-6 groups for the foreseeable future we intend to improve one or two things in regard to how we ride as a group.
Firstly by keeping 3 tight and tidy lines of 2 riders unless it becomes necessary to single up.
Secondly by fomalising how we change position in the group/line. This will require a quick walk through pre-ride and more communication than usual whilst on the ride.
Thirdly, we need to pay attention to the pace on Sunday’s, it has slowly but surely increased. We need to make the ride approachable to new riders and maintaining a comfortable speed will also aid the group in staying together and tidy.
Please arrive by 0850 for an 0900 start so that we can get sorted into groups and do the walk-through..
Going to go with the easiest and most familiar route this week. Route is downloadable here,
Probably back to The Sett for refreshments or if busy the Forest Lawn Hotel.
Forecast is delightful so hope to see a good turnout.

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