Sunday Club Ride 12th December 2021

Sunday Club Ride 12th December 2021
Meet as usual at 8.50 for a 9.00A.M start in Brookley rd car park, Brockenhurst.
With a few rds to avoid this weekend in Beailieu/hythe and Holmesley we will head north for a slightly shortened version of the route out to Nomansland.
Last week’s puncture blighted ride was ridden in one of the coldest, most cutting winds I can remeber so this weeks merely damp and miserable conditions should feel like a mid-summer break in Ibiza.
Course downloadable here.
If conditions are tolerable we will take coffee and a carby-sugar based sin of your choosing at the Terrace back in Brock.
New covid reg’s don’t seem to affect the rides at this stage but let’s use our own brains re: social-distancing, masks, anti bacterials etc.
On that theme I have my booster jab on Saturday, barring a bad reaction to that I hope to be there to see a great turnout as per usual on a Sunday.
Phil H

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