NFCC Club Ride – Saturday 3rd July – Isle of Wight

This week’s club ride will be a long awaited return to the splendours of the Isle of Wight. We’ll largely follow the standard route of the island but add a section to ride up to the Needles Battery. Total distance on the island will be 110KM plus whatever you do to and from Lymington.

Pace will need to be a little easier than the usual Saturday ride as the route is hilly and we need to keep the group(s) together as I don’t want to lose anybody on the island!

Plan to catch the 0845 ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth. Arrival in Yarmouth 0925. Ride the route anti-clockwise so first leg up to the Needles Battery, enjoy the views and photo opp and then drop down to the Tandem Tea Room in Brighstone which has been recommended to me.

From there about 90 minutes riding to Bembridge which has a couple of options of bakery and café for lunch stop. Post lunch head north to Cowes and catch the river ferry and ride back to Yarmouth.

To allow times for food stops, ferries, mechanicals and hills I’d plan on returning on the 1705 ferry (we may be an hour earlier) but Yarmouth is another nice place to stop so hopefully no need to rush. Weather forecast looks fine so should be an excellent day ride.

Route at


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