Club Ride 29th July 2023

Usual meet at 0850 for a 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Another slightly iffy forecast for a Saturday but this week the chances of showers and winds only score a 4 on the Phil Harris Misery Index which is two better than last week. Looks like some stiff winds and drizzle / light rain to contend with. So, plan this week is to keep it fairly local, but shorter than usual and make plans on the fly if anyone wants to go long in the afternoon.

Just a 108Km planned ride.

Route at:

Coffee stop planned for 58Km at Setley Ridge where a decision can be made on how much longer to ride depending on how the weather turns out.

Hoping the weather turns out better than for forecast and that Saturdays in August are better than the Saturdays in July.


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