Club Ride – 17th February 2024

Meet at 0850 for an 0900 depart from the main car park in Brookley Road, Brockenhurst. Roads will still be filthy after recent weather so mudguards please to show some respect for your fellow riders.

After last week’s complaints about the route being a little damp from some of the club’s lightweights, this week’s route has been carefully plotted to avoid hazards. It has been created with due deference to tide tables as requested, NASA have confirmed that we are unlikely to be hit by meteorites or falling space debris and the Met Office have ruled out the possibility of avalanches so hopefully that will appease those that might have got their tootsies wet last week.

Route can be found at:

Coffee stop planned for The Potting shed at the 64 Km mark, so that should be about 1120 for group 1 and 1130 for group 2.

Full route is just shy of 110Km but is quite lumpy.


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