Clinically Vulnerable Riders

I hate having to write this given the fitness of our 70 year old plus members, but after some due diligence of British Cycling and government guidelines we will not be able to accommodate riders who fall into the category of “clinically vulnerable” on club rides until further notice. The broad brush approach of the government policy dictates that all over 70’s are automatically in this category despite their individual health.

From British Cycling, their website states that any rider wilfully contravenes the government advice, which at present states that those designated “clinically vulnerable” can only exercise alone or within their bubble, will invalidate their liability insurance which is an unacceptable position for a club ride.

The paragraph below is from the BC website:

As a British Cycling member, what does this mean for my third-party liability insurance?

British Cycling’s third-party liability insurance and legal support and advice member benefits remain in place for all Commute, Ride, Race Silver and Race Gold members.

Those riding in groups which comply with Government guidelines (see above) will be covered, but please note that insurance cover provided to members and Clubs will be invalid if they are wilfully contravening Government advice – ie. riding in large groups of more than six – or participating in activities which are currently suspended.

Apologies to all those affected, and I sincerely hope that things change for the better and that this can be reversed asap.



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