Ten Series Rd.5: P163

Riders were less impressed with a stiff northerly wind welcoming them to the first ride on P163 this season, but everyone made it round the sporting course and will have a smile on their face on the way home for sure…

NFCC’s Sien van der Plank continued her streak of clocking the fastest women’s time at Club TTs again this evening, crossing the line in just 26m17s with Ted Ward (NFCC) with the fastest time on the night in just 21m35s.

As always with our evening events, a huge thanks to those that give up their time to make them happen. Photos will be online as usual tomorrow and a full list of results can be found below.

1Ted WardNFCC00:21:351
2Mark Wheeler3C00:27:567
3Bob JoliffeeNFCC00:32:499
4Sien van der PlankNFCC00:26:17W1 (4)
5Phil JonesNFCC00:26:205
6Graham SharmanNFCC00:27:326
7Jeremy HubbardSotonia00:24:442
8Mick AnglimNFCC00:29:038
9Sam DorkingsSRAM (NFCC)00:25:303

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