Sunday Club Ride. April 11th 2021

Sunday Club Ride. April 11th 2021
Meet in Brookley Rd Car Park 8.50a.m for a 9.00a.m start.
(New or guest Riders please arrive a few minutes early).
Please remember to gather in groups of no more than six and to maintain social distancing. Keep an obvious space between each group. As we leave the car park we will form larger groups and these will be allocated before leaving.
Great to see such a high turnout last weekend (19). Riding was pretty good if perhaps slightly faster than intended. We will of course always ride to the pace of the slowest rider on Sundays. Please keep an eye out for one another. No one must get dropped on Sunday Club Ride.
Reviewing the safety camera footage I did spot a couple of group riding no-no’s!.
1.Riders should under no circumstances ride no-handed whilst in the group. If you need both hands for something either ask for the group to stop or make your way to the back of the group.
2. Overtaking on a sharp, right handed downhill bend. Remember, risking your own safety is one thing, risking that of other riders is another.
Course downloadable here
No cafe stop planned again this week but if you know of a suitable place in Brock where we can get takeaways whilst socially distancing etc then let me know (Might be a little cold for al fresco anyway)
Forecast is cold and breezy again but it’s character building so I hope to see another fabulous turnout.
Phil H

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